Next-Gen Hits PC: Nvidia Launches 'Unreal Engine 4' Kepler GPUs

NowGamer: Nvidia launches the next-generation of GPUs to PC.

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NYC_Gamer1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Nvidia took the crown by releasing a mid range gpu.Just think about how the real high end gk110 will perform?

LightofDarkness1763d ago

Until they release a game that truly takes advantage of it, we remain firmly in this gen. I'm waiting.

dark-hollow1763d ago

Now we need some games to give this gpu it justice.

skyward1763d ago

I'd play Samaritan - are you listening Epic?

Disccordia1763d ago

PC gamers on here keep saying their games have been next gen for ages?

wallis1763d ago

That's because compared to consoles they are always next gen.