Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Rant

Multipurposereviews writes: "Oh Slant Six, what have you done?"

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BattleTorn2460d ago

He is kinda right about it practically being "online only."

That I'd suggest is, get some friends to play it with.

DarkBlood2460d ago

sounds like something i should just get on pc instead when i get a gaming pc in the future after all what do people do on thier computer is pretty much online 90 percent of the time

BattleTorn2459d ago

hm, I'm the complete opposite. My PC is for SP. (and BF3)

YxUxNO2460d ago

"boo hoo, i got a game for free and i don't like it. I like resident evil and I don't like it..." *acts retarded* that's what i got halfway through this stupid video

Soldierone2459d ago

Wait the first long arse rant is "we beat it fast!!!" So uhh, just how long has it been since you played a game beginning to end? I'm sadly rather used to games only lasting 4 hours, heck COD did it and it still got praise for a "stellar" game.

Tired of these "Im a huge Resident Evil fan and this game sucks!" rants....its a friggin spin off, its someone elses unique take on the Resident Evil world. It doesn't need to re tell the entire friggin story.

You want to complain, then complain, but do it with standing ground. The story didn't suck because of their take on it, it sucked because it was horribly developed and hardly told a story till the end. The game is short yeah, but that isn't why it sucked. It sucked because the ending was worse than Mass Effect 3 complaints. "Yeah I just opened a can of hell and now I'm going to kick some ass, wanna come? too bad here is the credits.....we will let you come when the DLC releases for 10 bucks."

It's online based, boo hoo, your friends won't get off COD and try a new game, boo hoo....funny people that do actually try the game somewhat enjoy it for the online aspects.

However this rant does prove a really good point about people jumping in as gamers this generation. "he said it sucked so I'm going to say it sucked!!!!! YAY!!!!"