Diehard GameFAN: Shinobi Review

DHGF: Shinobi, AKA The GG Shinobi, is a solid entry in the series that’s not readily available outside of the Game Gear, and while it’s not an amazing game two decades later, for the price it’s a fun old-school platformer that offers a decent challenge. The game looks solid for a Game Gear title, sounds fantastic in general, and is very easy to play, but full of challenging concepts for the player to learn and work with. The game offers a solid challenge, though the game also offers the Virtual Console options for saving your state that allow for some reduced difficulty if employed properly, so gamers of all skill levels should be able to have fun with the game, depending on how they approach it. The game doesn’t have the polish of its Game Gear sequel, Shinobi II: The Silent Fury, unfortunately, and the design punishes players for playing stages out of order, does not allow repeat stage visits to collect missed items, doesn’t do much to balance out the characters and leaves the game a little on the short side. If you’re a genre or series fan, Shinobi is a fun game and it’s not one you’ve likely played if you missed the Game Gear for one reason or another, and while there are better games in the series, if not in general, for the price and the novelty it’s worth a look.

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