Silent Hill: Downpour Review (Strategy Informer)

From "With a new developer and a shift towards a more action-oriented approach, it’s no wonder that so many met the news of Silent Hill: Downpour with muted indifference. Indeed it’s impossible to even call Silent Hill a great series at this point, with the brilliance of Silent Hill 2 all but forgotten in a slew of updates, semi-remakes and disappointing sequels. When handled correctly though, there’s something genuinely chilling and claustrophobic about the misty desolation in those deserted and intrigue-filled streets, and it’s to our almost complete surprise that Downpour makes a decent stab at extracting a suitable level of atmosphere from its iconic location".

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Bleucrunch2434d ago

I am a BIG fan of the Silent Hill has stayed true to its horror roots...I Still believe in my heart of hearts that the Original Silent Hill for Playstation is the scariest game of TIME to date. I will enjoy this game as I have enjoyed all the other silent hills of the past...I could care less for the HD remakes though....that is all foolishness to me as its not really a remake so much as it is just polishing!