Confirmed: Max Payne 3 PC uses DirectX 11

Rockstar is upgrading their RAGE engine for the PC version of Max Payne 3 - finally. In an interview with website PC Games Hardware, Simon Ramsey from Rockstar confirmed DX11 and tessellation for their upcoming shooter. They also take care of slower machines. Great news for PC gamers.

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SPAM-FRITTER-1232434d ago

i have a feeling that not even nice graphics will save this game.

NukaCola2434d ago

I wouldn't say that. I think it still has potential. It looks pretty cool. I think the dev diaries are hype train fuel though. It might not be as good as it portrait cause the technology they are using has been done before, but I am curious to see a fluid FPS control set in an TPS.

jaosobno2434d ago

What the hell are you talking about? This game looks amazing.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

well it was only my opinion, im sure other people will love it.

i just don't like the look of it. i prefered the cold winter new york with the noir & norse mythology.


chanmasta2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I prefer that too, but Max Payne 3 does have cold, winter, noir NYC levels too.

spirited2434d ago

I hope it is good and thank you. Rockstar for showing pc love other developers should also ..

sagapo2434d ago

agreed, a lot of PC power is going through the drain because of the consoles.

ProjectVulcan2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Good news even just for optimisations. Even better news for other Rockstar games that will end up on PC. GTA5 anyone?

Mass Effect 3 was the latest big game to shun newer APIs and i found that disappointing from Bioware. Glad to see Rockstar picking up the pieces and delivering another big DX11 PC title.

If anything surely developers that work with DX11 now will have a headstart when new consoles hit, no doubt sporting a bunch of the same kind of function and features DX11 possesses. It is smart to invest in it right now.

cyborg472434d ago

Good. Hope its all not buggy and a glitch fest like Arkham city.

StayStatic2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Bullet Time In DirectX 11 Hell Yeah !

LightofDarkness2434d ago

I doubt we'll be seeing any extensive use of DX11's visual enhancements. They're probably just using it because of shader and memory optimizations inherent to the API and various GPUs, which allows the game to run quite a bit more efficiently on DX11 systems. Considering the almost complete lack of PC optimization in every Rockstar game this gen, this comes a great news.

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