"Gamer" and Society: Reforming the Stigma

Many gamers, especially adults, are quite hesitant – even sometimes hide – that they enjoy gaming despite the joy it gives them. Being a gamer oftentimes feels like a constantly revolving conversation. Only it seems, that for the most part, the voices of those on the outside, the “non-gamers” if you will, have the loudest voices.The underlying problem here is that while gaming has reached a sense of ownership among a vast number of people, it has yet to reach a level of mainstream acceptance as a pastime in the broader senses of society. So, lets take a look at what those voices have to say, along with the ignorance which lies within their stereotypes...

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Baka-akaB2434d ago

The only underlying problem is that we just shouldnt care what they think .

Give it enough time and the mainstream will follow the same trend . It kinda already does once every while via a few truly popular games .

There is no need to "clean up some act" for acceptance , that's a big mistake to begin with .