3 reasons your better half should be happy you play games

Here are 3 reasons why our better halves should just accept our gaming for what it is, and even be proud of it.

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Sheikah1918d ago

I reckon I will run the 'midnight burglary' and 'warm couch' scenarios by the missus... The consumation of old food tho, not so much..

vikingland11918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

This artical was all in jest I liked it. The one about burglery is actually probably true though.

Parapraxis1918d ago

I actually brought that up the other day.
My fiancee said she didn't like having our car parked in a certain spot, I laughed and said, what are the chances of somebody getting away with doing anything to it, I'm up all night and take frequent smoke breaks.

Mantis11918d ago

I'm the same. The potential thief would certainly get a nasty surprise.

"Thought I was asleep, did you? No such luck...."