Ninja Gaiden 3's 3/10 review – a retort

Leigh Harris of MMGN: Bottom line is this: Dyer doesn’t speak for everyone, even if his review asserts its righteousness as though he does. If you’re a Ninja Gaiden fan and you don’t take life too seriously, NG3 is a valid entry into a great series. I agree that it’s the poorest title in the series so far. But I’m still one of those folk who believe a 3/10 game is one which is fundamentally broken, borderline unplayable.

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DevilishSix2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Lame retort. I defend the ign 3/10. Yes it is a bit harsh, but casual gamers don't buy Ninja Gaiden, the fans of the series buy and support this franchise, yet the developers have chosen to snub their nose at us. Now we can snub our nose at them by denying them our cash. So who is going to support this game? A predict very low sales, well below Tecmo's expectations, which I hope gets their attention.

This franchise had repution for being challenging yet deep in its combat mechanics. Now this NG3 has hallowed out that experience for casual gameplay reduced to button mashing. Sorry that is Dynasty Warriors not a Ninja Gaiden game.

This retort is unnecessary and to defend the game in such a manner proves the writer is a casual gamer or just wants attention, because this game is not good and does not warrant defending.

StanLee2460d ago

Agreed. The game is an unbearable shell of what Ninja Gaiden was. What made Ninja Gaiden special was the depth and challenge of the combat. It made the somewhat unimaginative story bearable. Ninja Gaiden 3 is just rubbish. It's a slap in the face to long time fans and with it's mediocre story and laughable combat, doesn't encourage new fans to the franchise or genre. I've already returned it to Gamefly. I will not waste my time with an attempt to finish it.

mysterious_warrior2460d ago

You said everything that needs to be said. The combo mechanic which was the staple in the first two games is horrible! I try to do a combo on the selection list and it is not responsive at all...The basically told the fans fuck you!

smashcrashbash2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

You know what amazes me. With one game it makes above average scores and several sites agree but a single bad score and people condemn it and try to bad talk it at every turn. But several sites agree that another game is less then average with only a few sites disagreeing and everyone us hellbent trying to defend it and say otherwise. R3 was an above average game and people tried to discredit it at every turn claiming any score below an 8 as the 'truth'. But now people are arguing over a 3 for NG3 a score that would have condemned any other game trying as hard as they can calling anyone who disagrees liars and idiots. So my question is, why? Is it so hard to believe that NG3 just isn't very good or a downgrade from the last one? Most of us already knew that they would probably screw it up.

When people claimed that TM would have been screwed up and it STILL got several above average scores but no one defended it as fiercely as they are doing NG3.Many games are unfairly judged and they have gotten better scores the NG3 has been getting and no one listened to the cries of who said so.So what is with the defense wall around NG3? If UC3 had gotten a 3 and I said it was at least a 7 I would have to listen to how UC3 STILL fails?

I am still listening to how UC:GA is a failure because it is a pointless downgrade despite it's above average scores. But somehow it is okay for NG3 to be a little more then a 3 despite it being an obvious downgrade.People are quibbling over it saying it is at least a 7 but isn't that still a fail since it is getting lower scores then the last ones or the fact that people think score less then an 8 is a fail? So in short, why so defensive?

The_Kills2460d ago

Why so defensive? Because a 3 means unplayable. And the reviewing criteria speaks for. Itself when they knock the graphics for not being enough of and upgrade. Yet they can turn around and give high graphical scores to game franchises like COD which clearly as all hell don't upgrade graphics anywhere near as they should be in every itterations of their games. Hise reviewing criteria is imbalanced and that's why people defend it. NG3 is a gameplay downgrade, that's why a 3 doesn't make sense(as it indicates an unplayable game), plain and simple.

DevilishSix2460d ago

It virtually is unplayable to some. I would say the steel on bone quick pan in an out over and over again very quickly are nausea inducing.

smashcrashbash2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Oh come on. So what if it was a 6 for example that would make that big of a difference in the modern gamer. Games make high scores and people STILL reject it. Child of Eden go so many high scores and it sold like crap. Okami was the same and so was Psychonauts. So what, give a slightly higher score so you have the excuse to rent it or wait until it gets in the bargain bin? It's like no one gets it. It is a downgrade of the previous NG games. And not just slight ones either from mainstreaming the game to misusing things for no reason.

TM didn't deserve half the the bad scores it got either and I don't see anyone fighting and fuming about it.People tear certain games apart even if it falls slightly below an 8 but we have to sit here and defend games, that from the sound of it they completely screwed up like many people knew they would, and cry that they should raise the score because it is unfair. I have sat at my keyboard for several games using every single type of logic to try and convince people that certain games, that scored higher then average scores, are really good to no avail and to the point where people rejected the game. But now people are insisting that everyone who scored the NG3 low are wrong and INSIST that they will buy it anyway.

I can bet you that Starhawk will be destroyed by everyone who INSISTS that it is no good because it is different from the original but everyone seems to think NG3 gets a free pass despite it being so obviously different from the others and them misusing some of the very things that made the others so good.

People defend anything and will deny anything as long as they want it to be so. NG3 can't be crap because they say so.But anything they want to reject and diss they will find a million things wrong with it no matter how much logic or sense you use or how high the scores are.

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firelogic2460d ago

IGN isn't the only site/mag that gave NG3 a sub-5 score.