Operation Raccoon City: 5 Reasons Gamers Should Think Twice Before Buying, 'Terrible Execution'

Resident Evil Raccoon City, the latest installment of the zombie post-apocalyptic shooter franchise, just hit North American stores on March 20th. But with its new release, the series known for its dark thriller-esque gameplay style is veering away from its original intent. For fans, "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City" could be a hiccup in the franchise's generally successful history. Here are five key points gamers should know before joining forces with Umbrella.

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svoulis2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Ok, so I just wasted my time reading this. All this website did was take quotes from other websites and put a number by it. Seriously? This crap gets approved? What I find hilarious is that people haven't yet realized this is suppose to be based off of Resident Evil Outbreak.

Has anyone ever played that?! That game was horrible (but amazing at the same time). No actual communication support. Took ages to get into a game. The only positive was being in the Resident Evil Universe.

While I admit the story could've been "Deeper" I have no problem with how they fleshed it out. Minor tie ins to RE2 and 3, while maintaining a purpose.

The entire story is basically one line "Destroy any and all evidence proving Umbrellas involvement with this outbreak"

How come I have a feeling like 300 more of these same articles are going to surface soon!?

People need to realize this isn't a chapter in Resident Evil. Its a side story at best.

caseh2460d ago

Its being beaten over the head as a CoD variant that uses the RE name. Fans of RE are not impressed, not seen the game myself but it looked alright for a blast. Expect rapid price drops on this one though.

svoulis2460d ago

Yeah, the game has good replay value cause of the co-op but as far as the single player is concerned unless you are trying to get S ranking (which I'm sure any die hard RE fan will do) than you really have no reason to go back into the campaign alone.

I am a big Resident Evil fan (aside from 5) and I have to say that this game is really just that much different. The ability to aim and shoot is good for this type of game considering there are so many more zombies and enemies than before. The MP is so much fun. I think I accidentally played like 3 hours last night without realizing it.

soundslike2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Thats only 1 reason I counted: 4. Buggy controls.

Its trying to be a multiplayer game from the start, so "4." is the only one that matters IF you were going to get it. I'm not, but just sayin'

Fil1012460d ago

yes but any true die hard resi fan like me woulld av seen this as NOT a proper resi game I seen the first couple of trailers & none ov them got me excited bring on resi 6 now that looks like a proper resi game

Kostchtchie2459d ago

actually this is closer to resident evil more so than re4.5 or 6 will ever be... oh and that trailer you watched showed exactly what resident evil 6 will be like action cod character mission swapping game play

proper resident evil game...lmao