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.hack Sekai no Mukou ni + Versus teaser trailer

Gematsu: "Namco Bandai has released a teaser trailer for its recently announced .hack Sekai no Mukou ni + Versus Hybrid Pack." (.hack//Versus, PS3)

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MakiManPR  +   759d ago
This game look awesome. And the movie is epic.
rdgneoz3  +   758d ago
The movie does look pretty sweet. Loved the original .hack games and anime. As for the game, looks interesting, though I'd definitely love another .hack RPG.

p.s. Localize...
jacksonmichael  +   758d ago
Localize or feel my wrath.
Tyrade  +   758d ago
Been waiting so long for a new .hack game...if they don't localize.....I don't even know what I'll do
Lavalamp  +   758d ago
You could always import as a last resort, though it'll cost you a pretty penny.
r21  +   758d ago
any .hack is better than no .hack. so localize this hybrid thing!
VsAssassin  +   758d ago
I played the very first .Hack on PS2. Sadly, I never had the chance to play the subsequent titles. To those who have played the past games, has there been any changes to the battle? From the trailer that I just saw, I think the battle gameplay looks promising!
Laxman  +   758d ago
Worst name for a game series :/

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