Bioware Ruined Video Games

Splikick: This is not a post about how the ending of Mass Effect 3 was terrible and how they deserve to burn for what they committed to disc. This isn’t a post about how an entitled mass decided to petition BioWare to change that ending, nor is it a post about that guy and how he complained to the FTC because he didn’t like the end of a story.

This is a post about how BioWare ruined everything.

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zeal0us2435d ago

Take out Bioware and replace it with Capcom.

Sure Bioware screwed up the ending, the DLC and DA2.

But Crapcom tactics ruin video games more to me.

Christopher2435d ago

***Muzyka said that they will make changes to the ending of Mass Effect 3. ***

He did not say that. What he said was: "Exec Producer Casey Hudson and the team are hard at work on a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions, providing more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey. "

That does not mean they will change the ending. It means they will offer closure on certain unidentified elements at a future date.

SageHonor2434d ago


One of the things I hate the most about journalist is how they put words in other people's mouths. This is why alot of producers and important people watch their wording on things. But it doesnt matter how clear you are. Somebody will always twist up your words.

soundslike2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

providing more closure *is* changing the ending if the intent was to leave things a bit open ended.

ex. Showing the top at the end of Inception falling down or spinning for an unnatural amount of time would have been changing the ending DRASTICALLY despite providing closure. That is an extreme example though.

Christopher2434d ago

No, a change to the ending would be something that alters the ending we've received in a manner as to 'fix' it. Like how Lucas changed it so that Han Solo didn't shoot first. You're attempting to simplify the concept of change here to make it look like the author had a valid point. He didn't and he meant it in regards to changing the ending we've already experienced, which isn't what Muzyka said at all. This is shown through his complete article.

Giving closure is just ways of expanding on the known story without changing what was already experienced. It doesn't change the ending or its meaning, it just gives more info as to what happened before Shepard made the choice s/he did.

To give an example using the movie Inception, if we had seen the years that their client had spent in Limbo before DiCaprio's character found him and brought him back, would that have changed the ending or given more closure on what happened with that character during that time?

SeraphimBlade2434d ago

YES, thank you. I share some of this writer's frustrations, but as of now, Bioware still values their original idea, they don't want to completely change it, and that's what's important to me.

Kyosuke_Sanada2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

So the online passes, DLC milking, buggy at launch titles, high console failure rates, developers thinking they are celebrities, and terrible gaming journalism are just their for scenery?

Godmars2902434d ago

This console generation ruined video games.

metsgaming2434d ago

I sadly agree with this statement. So many terrible things are going on this generation and many that will continue. The few things that were good are not leading to better things but are ignored and pushed aside.

BitbyDeath2434d ago

Correction, last gen was the downfall when an undisclosed company started charging for online.

Gaming companies have continued to get greedier ever since.

young7yang2434d ago

just fix the broken PS3 version before you guys do anything else.

Shadowstar2434d ago

? I played the PS3 version, only one crash. Compared to some titles (ahem, Fallout, but I love you anyways) that's amazing. What was the problem?

young7yang2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

young7yang + 1d 8h ago just fix the PS3 version of the game.. its really unplayable... i have not even experienced the ending because i wont play beyond the mars mission due to the supper lag and choppiness in the frame-rate... all those reviewrs out there who over look these flaws should be fired.. how on earth can you give a game such a high praise in the graphics department on the ps3 when its clearly broken and buggy.. games like uncharted 3, final fantasy XIII-2, gundam extreme vs and killzone 3 all look far better then mass effect 3 and they all run at about 30-60 frames per second without the fear of crashing my system. only after i finish the game will i be able to complain about the ending like everybody els

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listenkids 1d 8h ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
SageHonor + 1d 7h ago Pff you havent even touched on the freezing, bad animation, buggyness when doing side questions, glitching clipping, inconsistent textures, and all those other tech issues many reviewers didnt point out..
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young7yang + 1d 7h ago your right.. but I stoped playing after the mars mission... my system ended up doing a hard freeze.. i wont touch the game again untill a new update is available... but good point!
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AusRogo + 1d 6h ago My ps3 has frozen so many times on mass effect 3. Mass effect 2 was fine. And this is the only game that does it. Froze in multiplayer the other day and wiped my stats progression. The frame rate didnt ruin my experience, the freezing did. Fuck bioware.
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Nimblest-Assassin + 14h ago The only time the game has had problems for me is rarely during conversations

young7yang2434d ago

go to biowares main page and read for youself and yes i own the game and yea my ps3 is fine

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