Pyramid Head Rape Scene Edited Out of Silent Hill 2 HD?

Some eagle eyed fans of Silent Hill 2 have apparently noticed an infamous scene inexplicably missing from the recent HD rerelease of this title.

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DigitalAnalog2433d ago

There have been reports of poor lip-syncing, freezing and other tech issues. I would lose a lot of respect for Konami if they deliberately try to remove content for the sake of censorship.

ritsuka6662433d ago

It's NOT glitch dude... they really censored the scene -___-

look in this video in 2.14 minute

Konami is really pathetic.

2433d ago
killerhog2433d ago


yeah, not much of a discrepancy between the two versions. nothing i would rage about, though i wouldnt of raged if they completely removed it. it just comes down to gamers are indeed whiny.

adorie2433d ago

Didn't bother with this. It's a novel idea and all, but playing SH2/3/4 in HD can be done on the PC. I own them all, after going the ebay route. xD

hardandsloppy2432d ago

I played it and saw it, i dont know, maybe it is a glitch or something

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ChickeyCantor2433d ago


Septic2433d ago

Am I the only one that found that original rape scene REALLY disturbing?

Violence in games I can handle, but rape.....its just too much.

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Septic2433d ago

That made it even more messed up!

Solid_Snake372433d ago

So a bunch of demonic pixels raping another bunch of demonic pixels are 'too much' for you to handle?

MidnytRain2432d ago


The same could be said for many movies. They still affect people.

A-Glorious-Dawn2432d ago

Don't watch or play what you can not handle?

If everything was made handleable by everyone we would have very little left in the way of creative freedom.

hazardman2432d ago Show
snipes1012432d ago

Please dont bring the "protect the kids" argument in to this. If you dont want him or her to see it, play the game after the tyke is put to bed.

The "M" is on the front of the box for a reason. If you're a parent and a gamer (which Im assuming you are), then this shouldnt even be an issue for you.

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Pozzle2433d ago

WTF. I hope this isn't true! That is one of the most iconic (and terrifying) scenes in the game! Hell, in the ENTIRE SERIES!

killerhog2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

i saw both the censored and uncensored version of the suppose rape scene, and there was nothing "terrifying" about it. in fact, it looked silly and i found myself asking, 'what the hell am i watching/going on?'. konami probably felt some of it [rape scene] should be pruned as the article also insinuated.

Pozzle2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Have you played the game? Because the scene itself isn't what makes it terrifying. It's WHY Pyramid Head is "raping" the mannequin that makes it such a creepy and iconic scene. It ends up being one of the bigger plot points in the game. So if stuff like that is removed, it doesn't make gamers "whiny" for complaining about it. Because the rape and sexual repression allusions are a VERY big part of Silent Hill 2's story. Without them, a big part of the story (and James' character) is lost.

Frankfurt2433d ago

MASSIVE LOL at judging how scary something is by watching a cropped youtube video, with no context, no playing for hours and getting more and more into the storyline, characters, themes and message.

You're an example of current gamers. Bet you love COD and Uncharted too.

RedDead2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Pozzle...that doesn't make it scary. It's not scary or terrifying. But I agree with the rest of your post. When you see it for the first time it is simply weird until you learn why it is happening. But knowing or not knowing the story does not make a scene scary or not.

Sorry again Frankfurt. Story does not equate to scary. You either have a scary scene or you don't and that one is definitely not scary.

"no playing for hours and getting more and more into the storyline, characters, themes and message. "

What does this have to do with how scary the scene is? Nothing. The scene is amazing for different reasons imo

KingOfOldSkool2433d ago

@RedDeadDestroyer - Context, especially in a game like Silent Hill, can certainly affect how scary a scene is.

An example is ofcourse the Maria character. If someone new to the series were to walk in on a scene of her with no clue of her backstory, should would just be another character in an inconsequential scene.

Now.. if they were told that she was an exact double of the main character's dead wife with a different personality, as well as given some of the video and notes to display 'how' different, that same scene becomes all the more chilling.

A-Glorious-Dawn2432d ago

Why was pyramid head raping the dead mannequins though???

dennett3162432d ago

@A Glorious's hard to say without giving away spoilers if you haven't played the game. It is symbolic of the main character's sexual frustrations....the reasons for which are revealed at the climax of the game.

When you first encounter the scene, it is purely to disturb and unsettle the player. The meaning is derived later on. It IS an important scene and it definitely should NOT be censored. There's no penetration or anything especially graphic...but the intention is clear.

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adorie2433d ago

SH2 is one of my favorite games. People who are complaining about people complaining about the scene's censorship need a clue.

Sex is one of the themes in the game that highlight the story. Even the monster designs are relevant to James and the theme of Sex. There is a monster later in the game called "Abstract Daddy" that is one of the more sexual looking monsters and the story behind it is intriguing.

The nurses are also a representation of sex. I can't quite get into it as it would spoil some things, but the people complaining about an important scene like the PH rape scene are justified in my opinion.

Lastly, and to be frank, they shouldn't be trimming anything. The game is a masterpiece in it's own right.

KingOfOldSkool2433d ago

I agree, you can't play mix and match with Team Silent's original way of telling the story and expect to come out with the same intended vision.

It's like re-releasing a book and cutting out a sentence here and chapter there, it would be corrupting the author's intended flow and backstory, possibly leading to main key points being lost in the process that you wouldn't realize until after the fact.

SCThor2433d ago

Please elaborate Pozzle, WHY is scary and have to do a lot, with the main plot?

dennett3162432d ago

It's not least not to me, but it IS meant to unsettle and disturb the player.

It is symbolic of the main character and his sexual frustrations...the reasons for which are a pretty damn big spoiler, so I won't say it here.

Silent Hill and it's imagery and monsters are all tailored to reflect the guilt of the protagonist, whatever that may be as the story is revealed. The scene isn't there to titilate, it's there to disturb and it does have meaning.

DigitalAnalog2432d ago

It depends on your point of view. If the Pyramid Head unsettled you before the scene, then it would have made a bit terrifying as you begin to understand what this character is. However, it relates to the main plot (without spoiling) determining how the monsters and environments affect the player.

ThatEnglishDude2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

LMFAO they censored the 'rape' scene by cutting away almost instantly. How pathetic. First they wash out the colors, clean up the game to a point where it almost looks TOO good, remove some visual effects in Silent Hill 3, fuck with the voice acting, the music...and 'censor' controversial scenes.

Here's a timestamp of a YouTube playthrough. Note how the camera cuts almost instantly:

Just stick with the PS2 versions. Who knows what else has been cut.

DarkBlood2433d ago

im guessing thats you in the comments based on the exact same words your using right now?

anyways i cant notice anything being missing since i never had a ps2 back then so i guess in my mind i havent missed anything i suppose

ThatEnglishDude2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

The only difference is the scene is shorter. Note how on that video I linked there's that brief close up frame before it cut to James? Well on the original it's just drawn out longer so you get more of an idea on exactly what it is he's doing.

Here's the original -

It's very subtle, but laughable when you take into account the fact they actually went ahead and took the time to do so. Not to mention that it begs the question, what other small changes are there?

Of course, if you've yet to experience the games then by all means enjoy. I personally own it on PS2 but play it on PC with controller in high resolution.

EVILDEAD3602433d ago

'Just stick with the PS2 versions. Who knows what else has been cut'

The original Xbox had the BEST version of of my alltime fave experiences on the big box.


adorie2433d ago

Actually, SH2 for the PC has the best visuals of the versions. I haven't played the HD collection so I can't comment on those. But if you're going to say something along the lines of "I can enjoy it sitting on the couch!" I can as well. Xbox360 controller for PC and an HDMI cable go a long way. :)

EVILDEAD3602433d ago

I could care less about the PC..I'm talking consoles and HDMI did not even exist when SH2 launched. Again best version of SH2 was on the Xbox at the time. Other than Halo SH2 happened to be one of the main reason I loved my Xbox at the time.


ThatEnglishDude2433d ago

I was going to mention the Xbox version. Shit, that's the version I had myself before I sold my original Xbox. It was the best console version of the game to be released. The only reason I didn't mention it was because I wasn't sure if it was compatable with the Xbox 360.

theeg2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

play ot on pc, looks so much better than the "HD" remake that isnt even true 1080p hd like it is on pc

plus you can play silent hill 4 on pc in 1080p

not available no ps3 360

-pc, it actually does everything!

JsonHenry2433d ago

Yeah, we played this in HD a long time ago on the PC. :)

guitarded772433d ago

^ Cool story bro... tell it again.

Kahvipannu2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Funny how you and theeg got so many disagrees, since your stating the fact. Just like BG&E HD is actually just gimped down PC version on consoles..

People need to realize these "HD-remakes" are easy cash for devs, especially if there is already existing version on PC. Since Sony and MS have given up for backwards compatibility, you can now buy your old games back that are basically old PC versions..

Remakes should be done like for example Halo-Anniversary, it's a true tribute to the old game, and not just cash in.

Soldierone2432d ago

I'd be so rich if I got just a penny everytime PC gamers ruined comments with "PC look better!!!!!" lol

MysticStrummer2433d ago

"-pc, it actually does everything!"

...except play the games I want to play.

dktxx22433d ago

Emulators don't exist for the 360 or PS3, so if he wants to play 360 or PS3 exclusives then he's right.

Kahvipannu2432d ago

Oh you don't know what your missing out...

yewles12433d ago

Too bad you neglect to mention the crappy PC version of SH3 that was glitchy compared to the PS2 version, had scenes cut out that were in the PS2 version, and SUCKED in 1080p until mods managed to fix it FOUR YEARS AFTER LAUNCH...

SilentNegotiator2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Why would you want to play 4 in ANY resolution?

This article is about Silent Hill 2, Mr. Off Topic.

humbleopinion2433d ago

The "HD" version of the PC is the same old Silent Hill 2 with PS2 quality textures and everything. It doesn't matter in what native resolution you run a game - you can't magically fix low quality artwork. All you get is smoother polygons.

STONEY42433d ago

I have SH2 on PS2 and PC, and there are a lot of small details and effects that get lost in the low resolution of the PS2. The resolution upgrade to 1080p alone is a big enough difference, plus it keeps the film grain and intentional effects that the new remake has cleaned up too much.

I mean, even "HD remakes" like the MGS collection are simple native resolution updates to 720p, and it looks miles better already.

BDSE2433d ago

Being a PC fanboy doesn't make you any less of a douche.

limewax2433d ago

I'm not defending the guy here, but out of curiosity what actually makes a PC fanboy? See I game on all systems and enjoy all of them, but for some reason even when I say something on N4G like "Batman AC looked awesome on PC" I usually get told I'm a fanboy.

Like I said not defending, tbh he portrayed himself as perhaps a little arrogant about the PC version. But one observation I have made since my time on N4G is often even just liking PC gaming as well as console gaming gets me labelled as a fanboy. Kind of bizarre really since we are all gamers at the end of the day

Kahvipannu2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )


Simple really, if you try to say something that PC has it better than consoles (Which is pretty much everything), most people on N4G will kick in theyr brand loyalty and let the disagrees roll in.^^ It tells a lot about users here at N4G, brand loyalty goes above common sense, and rational thinking, and everybody else has to be a fanboy since they don't share same target of worshipping than you.

What people are trying to say here, these "PC-fanboys" as ArronC07 sees them,, is that there already has been existing better vwersion for this, and this "HD-remake" is just a cash in, and they are getting slanted for it becouse if you say things like that, your a "fanboy". And if you support products like this, you will get more of the same.

And to think of it, why can't we play the old games on our current consoles? Oh yeah, Sony and MS dropped supporting that feature, so now companies are selling inferior PC versions for these consumers.. Imo it's not good thing.

Good thing is that these classic games get wider audience they deserve, like BG&E, that game deserved more audience, and I was very happy to see it coming to current gen of players. But again, it was PC-port with little to no effort improve it..

As I stated in my other comment, good HD-remake would be something like Halo-anniversary. It makes justice to the classic, to the consumers, and most importantly they just didn't half assed port from PC. I think people as gamers and consumers would see this, but then again f.ex. CoD still sells like milk, so I doubt things will change much..

GraveLord2429d ago

I'll reply to you here since you don't any more PMs.

Grow up. People like Call of Duty games. Let Them. Don't be such a troll. The end.

specialguest2433d ago

Best to get the PC version. Have you seen the PC requirements for this game? Even today's sh*tty PC could run it. http://www.gameinfocenter.c...

SH2 Director's cut has an extra scenario where you can play as Maria, explaining her backstory. It also has an extra ending and more content.

adorie2433d ago

Shh, you can't mention PC gaming here. People don't like it. :X

Then again, you should have left the 360 and PS3 out of it. :P

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jeeves862433d ago

I like the image. "My creepy neighbour."

Rape rape rape!

Sonic9jct2433d ago

I figured it would be in my best interests NOT to use an image of potentially graphic rape as a header image. Glad somebody caught that, though.