Mass Effect 3 - Too Big For Its Britches

Debbie Timmins of The Average Gamer talks about where Mass Effect 3 went wrong.

"It all plays out on a much grander scale and in doing so, the third game loses those intimate touches of character and that decision feedback that felt so strong in the second."

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2436d ago
bobrea2436d ago

If I were to judge from this site alone, everyone gave the game a 9 or a 10 and then said they hate it. I hate you, n4g.

DaveMan2436d ago

Nobody has said they hate it.

98% of ME3 game is brilliant, and arguabley (for it's own reasons) the best in the series.

The ending is like having sex with Jessica Alba, only for her to take a giant shit on your dick when you came, and forced you to eat it and swallow.

Ghost2502435d ago

Its not even that bad u are just crybaby nuff said

DaveMan2436d ago

I disagree with the author of this article. I know sure as hell that my decision to save the geth or quarians was a damn hard one. Also killing mordin was something I KNOW i wish i could take back.

There are many moments like these, and if the author is to blind to notice then the faults on him

STONEY42436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

You killed Mordin?

You heartless soul. :(

Just watching a video of someone killing him makes me feel terrible for some reason.

Ghost2502435d ago

Oh my god FUCK MASS EFFECT 3. Enough is enough.