Is Windows 8 the Biggest Threat to the Future of PC Gaming?

Stardock is now best known s the publisher of the Sins of a Solar Empire and Elemental franchises, after selling online distribution service Impulse last year. They have just released their annual customer report, talking not only about their experiences in 2011 but also looking into the crystal ball of PC gaming in 2012 and beyond. And the future, they find, may be hazy for Windows-based gaming.

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ATi_Elite2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

It just really was a silly article of "what if's"!

It said "Windows 8 would tank and gamers wouldn't like it!"

so therefore how is that a threat to PC Gaming when Vista and Win7 will still play all your games past present and future?

Then some other crap about "Apple's Air Play taking over with decoupled gaming". Apple barely has games as it is so they are NOT taking over gaming!

Looks like Kotaku is whoring for hits with this insane article!

guitarded772462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

I think fear mongering articles are the biggest waste of space on N4G. It's funny how they make it to 1000 degrees and real news gets buried. "It's the end of gaming!!!", run to the hills, the sky is falling... GTFO.

If they could make their point with a logical, intellectual argument and not a hit grabbing headline, I'd probably at least listen and possibly visit their site regularly.

Captain Qwark 92462d ago

Run to the hills, run for your lives
Run to the hills, run for your lives

sorry stopped reading there becuase it made me think of maiden :/

wallis2462d ago

Kotaku weighs in their thoughts on a topic and once again the weight is short. Is there anything they can't fail to grasp properly? Nope. Where there's an issue or debate they're there to give in their two cents. Which is just about what their opinion is worth really... two cents.

And you're right. Windows 8 can bomb, it can explode, succeed, implode, turn into a wheel of cheese or seduce my sister (it can try)- it's all besides the point because windows 7 still works.

slayorofgods2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Windows 8 is just a tablet OS, Desktops do not require a upgrade. Windows 7 isn't even that old and no one will be upset using it for a few more years because it is a great OS.

Windows 8 does not threaten gaming on pc in the slightest.

h311rais3r2462d ago

Uh it's not just a tablet OS. There has been an early desktop version released. My friend is using it...

guitarded772462d ago

h311rais3r is right... I have the the beta for desktop through MSDN.

slayorofgods2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

I should have stated Windows 8 is just geared towards tablets and not really built for mouse and keyboard.. and this doesn't matter because windows 7 is still a fine os.. I didn't mean to confused some of you.

Basjohn2461d ago

It IS a tablet OS. I can run android on a desktop too, it doesn't change what it was built for chaps. W8 is my biggest software disappointment this decade and Microsoft are making an insane mistake with it. They're destroying there core market (desktop) by building their best known product for touch screens/tablets which is beyond retarded, especially when you realize that using a touchscreen on a desktop will NEVER be popular due to the awkwardness of reaching forward to your screen.

But then again, they also thought kinect was a good idea :/ (For the record - and to avoid seeming fanboyish - I think move is just as pointless)

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Embusque2462d ago

Everyone really needs to shut the **** up about the "future of PC gaming." I'm seriously sick of it.

NYC_Gamer2462d ago

How the fuck is windows 8 a threat to PC gaming?come on lets stop with the stupid bull shit.

kevnb2462d ago

Windows 8 plays games fine.

FragMnTagM2462d ago

Been using the latest version of windows 8 on my test PC and it is running games just fine. The user interface admittedly sucks with a mouse, but you can switch to the "classic view" to get around that. I have used it on a touch screen though and it is much better suited for that. So on a tablet or windows phone, it would work nice.

Also, Apple is not taking over gaming anytime soon. Not when you can build a nice gaming rig for the price of an iPad. A real gamer is not going to pick an iPad over a gaming PC. Hmm, graphics from an iPad, which aren't even close to PS3 or XBOX 360 graphics, or PC graphics which blow every platform away.

Any logical person would choose a PC.

I don't care much for Apple, but if I were to get an iPad/tablet PC, it sure would not be for gaming.

slayorofgods2462d ago

"but you can switch to the "classic view" to get around that"

They took that feature out of the current build. It's too bad because if you re-add a start menu and get rid of the wonky metro interface you are left with a really good os. The current build got even wonkier with random slider's popping out when you move your mouse over it, they really get in the way.

Anyway, I hope they go slightly more towards the developers preview and less towards the be as tablet friendly as possible build they are currently going towards. If they do that or make a professional version windows 8 might actually be the OS to get for gamers. If not Windows 7 will do fine.

FragMnTagM2461d ago

I thought I had the latest version. Oh well, guess I won't be updating it, lol.

They better have the classic view for non touch screens.

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