M2G: Birds of Steel Review

"It’s a genuine shame that there isn’t more beauty to be found beneath Birds of Steel’s rough exterior, because Gaijin Entertainment’s flight sim does try hard to appeal to a certain crowd (and in fact will likely hit that particular nail right on the head) – it simply tries so hard that it will struggle to appeal to anyone else."

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mayberry2435d ago

I watched the video presentation in the last psn "core" vid-mag, and was very excited about this game! It definitly was touted as a "realistic f.sim", and as a fan of gt5, I was very intriged -sp. by the gameplay aspects. The reviewer seemed annoyed with the visuals, but if the gameplay is up to par, Ill till get this!

godzilla722434d ago

IL2 Sturmovik was one of the best flight games ive ever played. I believe this is a follow up to it. Will have to give this one a shot.