Rumoured US Release Dates for Big Games

According to the nice people at The Sixth Axis, PS3 Vault has some rumoured release dates for the US for some of the juggernaut PS3 games coming out this year, including GTA IV, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2 and Devil May Cry 4.

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Darkiewonder3819d ago

Killzone 2 - 7th April
LittleBigPlanet - 7th April

But K2 stands out more as being a Rumor the most!

TANOD3819d ago

would come out on the same day.

especially since they are not only mega games in 2008 but system sellers

TruthBTold3819d ago

What exactly comes in a special edition anyways? I always wondered about those games that you pay an extra 10 bucks but for what.

ATLRoAcH3819d ago

Its 30 extra dollars for this one.It comes with a lot though.Heres a link:

TruthBTold3818d ago

Thanks bro, your right. I had forgotten about those. I think the soundtrack and the book look cool but the key chain and the bag not so much. For me, I would keep the regular edition. Im sure there are some GTA hardcore fans that would enjoy the special edition.

Real gamer 4 life3819d ago

Oh Boy how much does this gamesite love rumors. But i find it interesting because according to this website, Killzone little big planet and grant theft auto all releasing on the same month, and in like a week apart. If indeed this website tells the truth then there would be a conflict of interest among ps3 owners. This would not be in sony best interested two release three heavy hitter in the same week.

Omicronn3819d ago

that does seem a tad bit weird.

Prismo_Fillusion3819d ago

"LittleBigPlanet - 7th April"
What about the rumors that this was coming out in Fall '08?
I'd like to hear something from Sony. :/

rune1979dk3818d ago

LBP is supposed to launch as a beta first, giving people the possibility of playing with it, finding bugs etc and create the worlds and stuff you can upload and share. When the full version is out (fall '08) you already have a lot of user created stuff available for download.

mintaro3819d ago

i really doubt killzone 2, little big planet, and gta4 are gettin released in the same month

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The story is too old to be commented.