Congressmen Wolf and Baca Have Over-stepped Their Authority

The Department of Electronic Entertainment writes: "You should all be aware by now that Congressmen Joe Baca and Frank Wolf recently introduced the bill known as H.R.4204 which, if passed, requires video games to display warning labels about the effects of violent content. Mr. Baca was quoted on the matter is saying “The video game industry has a responsibility to parents, families and to consumers — to inform them of the potentially damaging content that is often found in their products.”

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Snookies122436d ago

Haha, Baca... I believe that's pronounced the same way as "baka" in Japanese, which means idiot. XD

Baka-akaB2436d ago

Lol both names seems like they'd fit some kind of fantasy setting with political backstabbing

Waddy1012436d ago

Growing Scientific evidence?
This guy is an idiot, as his name suggests. The current rating system works perfectly fine and it appears he doesn't understand what department he is supposed to be in.

I'm pretty sure that i saw proper research into the link and it was found that there wasn't one, not some sort of research that is specifically formulated so it finds something that isn't there so they can abuse it.

I'll try and find a link to it if i can.

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joab7772436d ago

It never ends. They must have been sitting in their oofice thinking, "man, I'm so bored. What could i do to help parents in this country. We have fixed everything else...oh, wait, vidoe game violence."

IT'S also quite interesting because the studies are not what i would determine to be conclusive, or absolute fact, but good enough to help subdue the one industry that isn't a financial disaster right now. Thanks guys, and when u r done, can u work on the collapsing dollar.

MasterD9192436d ago

The gaming community and game developers always respond to these events too. They don't just take it.

The labels would eat into the game market profits since some parents would probably agree with these idiots after seeing WARNING stickers slapped all over a game cover.

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The story is too old to be commented.