Haze in January?

On the US Official Playstation Site Haze Is in the banner and when clicked on has a 1/2008 release date. Also under the list of upcoming games it says Haze has a Jan 15 release.

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RadientFlux3634d ago

I agree no way Haze will be released in January. If we are lucky we might get a demo though.

TruthBTold3634d ago

That would make more sense then the game. A demo for January wouldn't too hard to believe to give the fans a little something for now while we wait.

TANOD3634d ago

I doubt it but who knows?

Fresh3634d ago

I really want to play Haze on my PS3 asap,4 player co-op ftw!:D

smokeymicpot3634d ago

you never know and since game release dates get changed left and right. It could happen if it does thats cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.