Tech-Gaming | Tales of Graces f Review

Tales of Graces f is the rare JRPG which dutifully obeys tradition while rarely allowing convention to constrain the title’s aspirations. Amid persistence discussion of the stagnancy of the genre, developers would be wise to note Graces’ involving combat and distinctive system of character development.

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CharmingMan1531d ago

B+ huh? Always heard praise for the Tales games.

mediastudies1531d ago

You should try them. All are good and some are even great. Better than FF for my money.

deserteaglexix1531d ago

Thanks, Angel. Beat again, huh?

AngelFuria1530d ago

yup, a minute to slow hehe oh well

RaptorMan1531d ago

Damn! Approved in two minutes. Nice.

SnipeySnake1531d ago

Stands for future. Since its a hd port of the wii game, "Tales of Graces", it has a lot of add-ons including a 10+ hour future arc which is 6 months after the ending.