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Play Magazine Promises 'Stunning New Metal Gear Rising Details' Next Month

Issue number 216 of UK’s longest running PlayStation magazine Play came out, and in the magazine is a preview of what’s to come next month. Featuring prominently on the page is an artwork of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, as well as the promise of world exclusive and ‘stunning new details’ for the game. (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PS3, Xbox 360)

DevilishSix  +   855d ago
Interest is gone for me
I was excited when it was announced Platinum Games took over because their games are gold (Bayonetta, Vanquish). But now development has been turned over to the Kinect Fruit Ninja guys, seriously, WTF!. This game is dead to me and many of my gamer friends.
Nyxus  +   855d ago
Huh? What are you talking about?
Whitefox789  +   855d ago
Uhhh are you being satirical? Are you perhaps referring to the initial Tech demo footage showed in 2010 with Raiden cutting Watermelons?

I mean if you go to the MG Rising website you should still see that Platinum Games still has its name all over the project.

Unless your just trolling....
Eamon  +   855d ago
DevilishSix, I present to you the 'best troll attempt of the year' award.

- The watermelon cutting was in a trailer before Platinum Games took over.
- The game isn't even about cutting fruit.
DevilishSix  +   855d ago
I would like to apologize, for some reason I was under the impression that Platinum Games was not developing this game anymore, but it seems I was wrong, which I am glad because Platinum Games is awesome.
Rolento  +   855d ago
There is nothing "stunning" about this pitiful excuse to cash in on the Metal Gear name by making a game that has nothing at all to do with Metal Gear. It should've been a new IP but Kojima has decided to finally kill it off by making a bunch of crappy rehashes and outsourcing his games to companies who make mediocre games.
J-Killer15  +   855d ago
I wouldn't call a game that was in development hell, and was on the brink of being cancelled due to lack of cohesion, a "cash in." Lol people just want to bash P* because they're making a game under the Metal Gear IP. If hack-n-slash action games aren't for you and you'd prefer if Kojima Productions took a stealth approach for a Raiden game then fine, but don't let this situation be an excuse to bash one of the few Japanese developers of this generation who stayed true to themselves.
Whitefox789  +   855d ago
I can only think he's impatient for the next MGS.

Btw you have clearly seen the Truth Behind Rising, kudos to doing your research.

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Eamon  +   855d ago
Great comment J-Killer15.

I agree that Metal Gear Rising is not what a lot of fans were expecting. People were thinking of a ninja stealth game, myself included.

But it's now a proper hack n slash. And it's being developed by Platinum which is one of the few remaining decent Japanese developers out there.

And besides, it has Kojima's approval and he is the master. ;)

If he didn't think about handing over the project to Platinum it would have been cancelled instead.
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Kahvipannu  +   855d ago
"..and outsourcing his games to companies who make mediocre games. "

Dude.. Platinum games are making this, they are awesome. Only reason I'm still interested in this title, and will propably pick it up is PG.
Ghost250  +   855d ago
PG are garbage just like all their games. Horrible studio
GameOn  +   855d ago
Then came along Bayonetta which rendered the Gaiden series obsolete.
archemides518  +   855d ago
if it's not the return of "cut at will", then it's not stunning.
BitbyDeath  +   855d ago
I sure hope Raiden dies at the end of this one.
Kill it with fire!
Kahvipannu  +   855d ago
Lol, am I only one agreeing with this? I was damn happy *spoilers* to see him lose he's arms and die in MGS4, but yeah, Kojima didn't have the balls to have anything epic at the end, everybody got happy happy joy joy ending.. And raiden survived, got he's hands back, and, surprise, he's marriage back. Terrible ending oh my..

But Kojima isn't making the story for this, so maybe, just maybe, ending in this will have atleast some edge..
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slixshot  +   855d ago
Platinum Games has proven to me (twice now) that they know how to make a kick ass game. If anyone was to take over Metal Gear Rising, I'm incredibly comfortable... no HAPPY, it's them.
LOL_WUT  +   855d ago
They had me with the first E3 trailer they showed, but after seeing the last trailer and the new name 'Revengeance' i lost all interest.
Pintheshadows  +   855d ago
Well, it can't be worse than Ninja Gaiden 3. If it plays well (likely, it's PG afterall) i'll enjoy it and try to ignore the title.
turgore  +   855d ago
Kojima= MAster of Stealth
Plantinum Games= MAsters of Action.

Don't see a problem here. People are pissed because the game changed from the initial tech demo
ZBlacktt  +   855d ago
I'd like some news on MGS5, thx

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