Rumor Killer: No MGS4 on 360, says Konami had the opportunity to speak with Konami's PR about this latest rumor, and unsurprisingly, Konami is baffled by claims that Metal Gear Solid 4 is going multi-platform.

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Hydrollex3822d ago

Maybe time exclusive ( after 3 years when MGS5 is gonna come ) Maybe not sure

mesh13822d ago

guys dont worry mgs4 is nothing speacial the truth is that most jap devs are failing this gen mgs4 wont be better than bioshock know fact its soo damn corny to be taken seriuos this game wont sell and wont be anything special i can bet 1 million on that.

Game13a13y3822d ago

LOL, you're a tool. now that the 360 version got slapped down you're saying the jap devs suck nowadays. you're a tool, if MGS 4 made it to the 360, you'll be first sucker to cry MGS 4 rules you all PS 3 fanboys!! tool!

Lifendz3822d ago

they just don't want to bite the bullet and get a PS3. I don't know why. They complain about money but by the time you finish paying for live, wi-fi, batteries for that controller (yes, most people use regular batteries and not rechargeables), and then getting that over-priced HDD, you just spend more than a PS3 would run you. I didn't even factor in blu-ray v. HD DVD. It's a wrap guys. Get a PS3 if you really want this game.

BTW, mine is pre-ordered.

SlappyMcTaint3821d ago

Laughable because you completely retarded morons keep bringing this up. Scary because it shows the intelligence of the xbox crowd, and this generation of kids in general, which is scary. Very scary -you are a generation of gullible, hand-fed retards.

Ever see Idiocracy? That's our future.

Lord_Mike3821d ago

Obviously you never completed a MGS game.

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zambrota3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

i feel bad for some people

Meus Renaissance3822d ago

I will bet you my Bravia TV that this rumour will never ever die. But I don't care anymore, those who want the game will buy a PlayStation 3. And those who want to play e.g. Bioshock/Mass Effect, will either get a 360 or PC.

So say we all.

360sucks3822d ago

no need for a 360
most of the 360 games
you can play on your PC

rofldings3822d ago

Exactly, any 360 game wroth a damn is on PC - with superior graphics, controls, etc. I bought a PS3 to play console games, not dumbed down versions of great PC games on 360 or minigames on the wii.


crookie-crook3822d ago

well, that's cool, looks like i won't need an xbox to play some of their games, i can play em thru my 1.8 duo core cpu, 1 gig ram lappy, well, hopefully some of em. if not, i ain't worried. I'll be glued to my ps3 games =)

The Killer3822d ago

bioshock (high setting)
half-life 2 orange box (obvious high setting)
lost planet extreme conditions (i played it for 20 minutes then i removed it from my pc! its that much crap, u walk very slow in the snow a lone with some stupid worst than gundum machines)
gears of war (i have it but i dont have enough space in drive C to install it so when i have space i will play it)
what else???
strangle hold (i will be getting it soon first i need to finish my exams!)
almost all r in pc!
i even played crysis(medium setting) which it think is boring and slow! far cry was better in my opinion!

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