On Mass Effect 3: I Want More From The Multiplayer

Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, for what is was, was pretty good and a good time killing. Having said that, I want more. It needs more. 'Horde Mode' isn't going to be enough to keep me coming back for more.

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Dlacy13g2435d ago

I definitely agree... I honestly dont care about "fixing" the ending nonsense. I want more MP maps that are dynamic, maybe enviorment effects or instead of having the map a circuit in nature make it more progressive similar to how BFBC Rush maps were. You fight your way down a path that could contain objectives such as rescue NPC's or secure critical data from a downed ship... but keep me moving down the map and not just going in a circuit like the current maps. The way it is now, every map has a key location that is prime for the team to "hold up" at, and you then venture forward briefly as objectives come up. Bioware needs to force us to keep moving into other areas and make it dynamic.

Keroyx2435d ago

A friend and I actually did that whole 'holding up' strategy and made it to wave 9.

The MP is good, but it's not as great as it should be coming from BioWare. I want the MP to mean something, to make me play with my friends as a team instead of as a bunch of dudes who happen to be in the same area running around killing stuff.

Fylus2435d ago

Dlacy is absolutely right. Personally, I love the MP even as it is, but if they did as Dlacy here has suggested, it would be extremely beneficial for everyone.

zeal0us2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I want other race groups

I want to play an Vorcha, Batarian and Prothean.

I would like to play an Volus, Hanar and Elcor but I think it would be a nightmare but fun.

Anyone remember that Volus with the biotic powers in ME2?

Keroyx2435d ago

The one you run into shortly after you meet Samara for the first time? The Volus that's, basically, high and thinks he's awesome?

Because he's the only Volus I remember with Biotic powers in ME2.

MasterD9192435d ago

The multiplayer is really good...I've had a blast with it.

I wouldn't mind them throwing in more gametypes. A vs. mode might be interesting and I could imagine a legit horde mode.

Megaton2435d ago

I'm N7 189 with all but 3 rare classes unlocked. Not burned out yet, but I see it coming unless they add more content in the next month or two.

soundslike2435d ago

been playing it a lot, and i definitely think we need more maps.

bronze and silver are dreadfully dull for my group now. Gold ftw.

VanillaBear2435d ago

I think it's boring and gets repetitive fast

You know how much more time Bioware could of spent on the single player, especialy the ending, instead of doing the online.

Who cares about it, lets get the single player ending stuff sorted first. Single player content should always come first.

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