Games Retail: How Its Death Will Affect You

360 Magazine: What effect – if any – would the potential collapse of Game have on the lives of ordinary gamers?

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no_more_heroes2464d ago

Wasn't Wal-Mart looking to buy them?

Dailynch2464d ago

Yeah, but that's looking less likely now. It's a real shame for UK gamers, but there's hope yet something will rise up from its ashes to take its place. Here's hoping.

DaveX3602464d ago

Who wouldn't buy their games from the internet, these days? Apart from eighty-year-old, arthritic grandmothers, obviously.

gillri2464d ago

I just cancelled my Witcher 2 dark edition pre-order got my £14.21 of GAME reward points back and just got Arkham city for 79p

I feel like a vulture.oh no a month ago they sent me 20 Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 3 hardened editions for the price of 10

LOL I made over £1000!!

SnakeCQC2464d ago

I haven't stepped foot in a game store in some time they give horrible rates and those stupid game seals annoyed. I and im sure many people have been buying games onle for quite some time now

Baka-akaB2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

how ? well no more shitty pre order exclusive deals ? Well at the very least not with them .

It's ludicrous to have a brand getting collectors and pre-orders exclusively in a country , when it's not even present on the whole territory or ships there

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