First Look: .hack//Versus on PS3

First screens of .hack//Versus have surfaced at Take a look at PS3's .hack fighting game here.

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Megaman_nerd1976d ago

And here I was thinking this game was going to be an RPG but it turns out that it is another 2D fighting game. Yeah, let's saturate the genre....

Lavalamp1976d ago

2D? Looks more like a 3D fighter akin to the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series.

Baka-akaB1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I'd rather have an rpg but either way , i dont see how the kind proposed by cyberconnect would saturate anything .

Those are hardly direct competitors to "true " fighting games 2d or 3d , and hardly hardcore stuff . It's anime companion products

Tdmd1976d ago

I was hopping for a rpg too. Zero interest in a fighting game... :/

Godmars2901976d ago

That's 2.5D fighting game that comes with a movie - or a movie that comes with a 2.5D fighting game, thank you very much.

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Summons751976d ago

fighting game....sad face, well if it comes to the states i'd pick it up anyway i want something new dot hack

Redempteur1976d ago

i'm looking for<ard to this given cyberconnect current expertise and the lack of similar good looking anime inspired titles