A Guide To The New Battlefield 3 Console Server Browser

MP1st - Yesterday morning, DICE updated servers across all platforms in order to prepare for the upcoming big patch. In doing so, they’ve made a few tweaks along the way, especially for console players.

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gedapeleda2459d ago

So now servers'll not only have map rotation but also
mode ?

eak32459d ago

I noticed it yesterday totally by accident. I just did a quick play for conquest and was dumped into a Rush match. Was like ok??? But then noticed the server name and the frequent rotation of the game types. I love it!! I didn't know of all the other features this article mentioned. Something to look forward to after work.

swishersweets200312459d ago

yeah just what i wanted. Instead of that so easy pick the mode i want, pick quickmatch, and get a game going with all my maps rotating.. all gone...

Being stuck rotating on the same 5 maps, different game modes around each corner a new game starts...

now i got to spend time searching their shit server browser list to find a game with all the maps(classic and b2k) with a single game mode..
guess what.. not very many of them.. well the p room ones but those rooms are always laggy or buggy for me.
Dont even get me started on how hardcore mode is..

Dice just kiss your fanbase goodbye no way in hell am i buying your shit dlc pack coming up the way your currently fucking your fans