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Raf1k11978d ago

This game is looking really good. It seems much more like the original FarCry minus the silly mutants which IMO is a really good thing.

Crazyglues1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )


yeah the game is looking amazing, hope the game-play is nice and smooth...


violents1978d ago

looks awesome, cant wait!

enfestid1978d ago

I'll be the lone naysayer: I don't care for the graphics. The enemy character models look bad, and the outdoor textures need a lot of work.

But as long as the gameplay is more like the original and less like the second (which I maintain was an abomination), I'll be happy.

LightofDarkness1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

It's a slight upgrade over Far Cry (the original, PC version). It's a little underwhelming visually, but it's a very dynamic game by the looks of things, so it's forgiveable.

Pintheshadows1978d ago

"It's a slight upgrade over Far Cry (the original, PC version)"

What? I think you need to go back and play the original Far Cry again. Either that, or put your glasses on.

Psychotica1978d ago

According to Gamestop this comes out the same week as Dishonored, should be a fun week..

no_more_heroes1978d ago

"ugh, this is some craaaazy sh!t!"

I lol'd.

Congratulations, I am finally intrigued.

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