Nvidia's GTX680 gets thrashed by AMD's mid-range Radeon HD 7870 in GPU compute Source: The Inquirer

The Inquirer: WE'VE HEARD REPORTS about how the upcoming Nvidia GTX680, the very first Kepler 'GK104' GPU will beat all and sundry in everything, including AMD's top of the range Radeon HD 7970, despite the latter's new GCN architecture and 50 per cent wider memory buses and memory capacity.

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Letros2461d ago

Different compute languages for different cards, the Radeon would get "thrashed" in CUDA.

T9002460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

I dont really care if the GTX 680 doesnt out perform the 7970, even if it is on par i would still go Nvidia.

This is purely because of better driver support from Nvidia.

You can have the best of hardware, however without driver support it will fail. Specially AMD has a record of not supporting hardware properly few years into its life.

I personally have 2 gaming laptops one which features Nvidia GTX 260m another with a HD5870. The laptop with the HD 5870 is 1 year newer. However there are many times games just run better on the GTX 260m this is purely because of better drivers. Hence you have an example of older hardware out performing newer hardware.

I am never buying another AMD product ever again, be it their CPUs or their GPUs.

forcefullpower2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Thats all i ever here is ATI can out compute nvidia yet everytime i see real world test with games. The NVIDIA card always out perform the ATI ones.

Totally agree with you i hate the ATI drivers as well. NVIDIA always seem on the ball with releasing at lest beta drivers prior to games release yet always waiting for ATI nearly a month sometimes for them get there act together.

kneon2460d ago

But I find the Nvidia drivers to cause the most problems. Almost every Windows 7 failure I've seen was related to NVidia drivers. I have NVidia in my machine and I put ATi in my daughters. Hers never has problem whereas mine has on several occasions failed to boot and windows gets screwed up and it's always been the NVidia driver that's at fault.

MmaFan-Qc2460d ago

AMD and their "Bulldozer" against the Intel i5 was the same thing, the Bulldozer was supposed to rape intel latest cpu......but with factual tests, amd failed hard.

Arnon2460d ago

Agreed. Real world tests will result with NVIDIA pulling ahead, and these new 680's look fantastic.

I've owned AMD before, and I have to agree that I did not particularly like their driver support, or even drivers for that matter. I seemed to always run into stuttering issues. Right now, I'm running an NVIDIA GTX 560ti, and the first thing I noticed in improvements were their drivers.

Kakkoii2460d ago

Yeah, there are rumors that Nvidia has either capped the general computer performance on these cards, to sell Quadro's instead, or that the current drivers don't have proper OpenCL and DirectCompute for this new architecture.

In game performance this card is beating the 7970 almost all the time, sometimes in quite large leads. And in rare cases even beating dual 580's and 7970's.

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JsonHenry2460d ago

I've never had any trouble with Nvidia or AMD driver support. Not sure why so many people complain about one or the other.

I don't care what synthetic bench it gets. I want real performance numbers in GAMES. Then I will decide which one I get.

Lazy_Sunday2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

You do all know this is the Inquirer, right?

Lazy_Sunday2460d ago

You do know all know this is the Inquirer, right?

ATi_Elite2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

1. "Different compute languages for different cards"

They use the same language (DirectX or OpenGL) just different ways to perform the task. BUT the Api's used to get non gaming apps to use the GPU is different.

2. " the Radeon would get "thrashed" in CUDA."

Of course it would......seeing how CUDA is a parallel computing architecture developed by Nvidia for NVIDIA graphics cards to perform non Gaming functions!

Nvidia = CUDA
AMD = ATi Stream Technology

3. The guy said he doesn't have a Nvidia GTX680 card so how the hell is he running this test?

4. I'm gonna wait for Hardware Canucks to get a hold of a GTX680 and drool over their benchmarks. They do an excellent job and seem unbiased to either camp!

5. Nvidia = Top tier performance
AMD = Best bang for buck

FutureTechnologies2460d ago

AMD is no longer ati stream tech, but CGN cores (graphic core next)

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Orpheus2461d ago

With Fuad gone to Fudzilla, theinquirer has lost its mind !!!

kaveti66162461d ago

I highly doubt it. The 680 has huge 40 percent performance gains over the 580.

More reliable sources have proven this because they have actually collected data from side by side tests.

The article is funny in that the writer happens to be in Shenzhen, the very place where the cards are manufactured.

LightofDarkness2460d ago

'tis because this is not the GK110 flagship. This is a 560 Ti replacement with higher clocks than intended, because the 7970 turned out to be non-competitive with the GK110, and sold as a flagship (because Nvidia enjoy money).

Besides, compute performance isn't a thing gamers need to be concerned with in general Civ 5 benchmarks are still quite largely in Nvidia's favour, and that's the only game where it seems to matter even a little.

JsonHenry2460d ago

Exactly. This isn't the GK110. It is the GK104 and they just named it 680 because it competes with 7970 directly.

So it looks like I will be waiting until mid summer to get my hands on the real GK110. :/

Kakkoii2460d ago

That's not really why. All indications show that this card should do general computing MUCH faster than a 580. But for some reason OpenCL and DirectCompute are being severally capped on this card. Read Anandtech's breakdown of the architecture.

pucpop2460d ago

its amd, not ati folks. also, the 680 is leagues above amd. next...

FlameBaitGod2460d ago

Am I the only one that thinks ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that is epic fail?

johnnyvegas2460d ago

I think YOU are the one that actually epic failed since you failed to realize what he writes is true. AMD dropped the ATI name a while ago.

Solid_Snake372460d ago

You do know that AMD owns the Radeon ATI cards right?

johnnyvegas2460d ago

Actually, if you want to get technical AMD dropped the ATI name a year or two ago. So the new Radeons are no longer called "ATI Radeons HD xxxx," but rather called "AMD Radeon xxxx" or just simply "Radeon HD xxxx."

Pandamobile2460d ago

The ATI brand was dissolved a few years ago. It's just AMD now.

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