Sky unveils internet service Now TV for consoles


Sky has announced Now TV, an internet telly streaming service that will come to loads of devices including consoles.
Now TV will arrive summer 2012.

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Blader232461d ago

I have been waiting for this for a long time.
I am a PS3 owner and can't wait for this to arrive on our console!

NeloAnjelo2460d ago

Yes but shouldn't Sky customers get this automatically, with maybe a small increase in the monthly fees?

I already have NeFlix and LoveFilm on my PS3. If Sky doesn't make this attractive then I can't see a reason to go for it as I get it on my Tv anyway.

Blader232460d ago

I agree with you. Im pretty sure they will let you log in with your sky account (just like on their website) and you will be able to watch on NowTV

I don't think they will leave their existing customers in the blank

NeloAnjelo2460d ago

Hope so mate. It will great not having to turn switch between my PS3 to TV to catch the Walking Dead, Homeland, etc.

guitarded772461d ago

I wonder what kind of service the console manufacturers are going to announce for the states? Maybe something at E3?

BDSE2461d ago

I bet Microsoft will insist on making it Gold only so you end up paying twice, I feel really bad for people who only have a 360 those guys are getting ripped off where these streaming services are concerned.

Blader232460d ago

Verry true my friend. However at the end of the day its their choice to pay. Now if i was on xbox and i was required to pay for streaming and online service and knowing that just around the corner there is a console that doesn't require online service payment i would move to PS3 no doubt.

*Not trying to start a "console war" here, i am just stating the obvious and my opinion

Dakidog2461d ago

Does this mean I get to watch my English football here in the us, without paying out my ass of course?

GanjaMan2460d ago

Dunno but what footy team u support?

torchic2460d ago

how much do you guys have to pay to get english football / Champions League on tv?

it's understandable though. here on EU Sky we get basically diddly squat coverage of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc.

GanjaMan2459d ago

thats because no one gives a fuck about nfl, nba, mlb and nhl outside of america and canada except for a small minority. + champions league is free because sky sports get 1 leg and the other leg goes to iTV which is a free channel but the final is broadcast on both channels at the same time.

morkendo232461d ago

if this happen, good by CABLE!!

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