Slant Six doesn't understand negative Resident Evil reviews

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City developer Slant Six Games has suggested that it doesn’t understand why the game has been panned by critics.

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Lord_Sloth1978d ago

Maybe because we're fighting more people than Zombies in a game which takes place in the Raccoon City incident?

Food for thought.

Pozzle1978d ago

Not to mention, the numerous bugs and technical issues that many reviews have mentioned.

MAJ0R1978d ago

Who was surprised by this? Slant Six ruined the Socom franchise. They just aren't good at developing games that have originally been developed by another developer.

F7U121978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Any more bugs than MW3 or BF3 had the first day out? It's been almost 5 months and both of those games are still suffering from day one issues.

Also I thought you people hated reviewers, something about their word couldn't be trusted and they whore themselves for money and blah-blah-blah-blah... oh now all of a sudden review scores matter.

I'm picking this up once it's released for PC...the MP looked like it was a lot of fun and that's more than I can say for the heavy hitters out now.

snipes1011978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Oh but didn't you know? When gamers decide to hate on something it is entirely ok if they betray everything they have been saying since the beginning of time so that they can hop on the hate train along with that critic! Not to mention anytime a beloved franchise is messed with even a little bit, people get up in arms. They wanted this to fail even before the negative review scores came in.

As for me though, my problems with teh game come more from the fact that the game auto-sticks you to cover, your auto aim tracks targets through solid objects, Slant Six hired entirely incompetent voice actors and the weapons come off more like pea shooters given how many shots it takes to kill even the most basic enemy. That's just what I encountered in the first mission. Ugh.

red2tango1978d ago


Zipper ruined Socom way before Slant Six (i.e. S3,S:CA). If anything Confrontation (after patches) brought Socom some dignity which was once again ruined by S4. Other than that, Slant Six is not very good with launching without bugs.

F7U121978d ago


right well all of that can be tweaked and worked out with just a couple of updates. I really don't see the problem. BF3 on the other hand with its poor hit detection on PC and the input lag on PS3 5 months out, now that's a real problem.

sikbeta1978d ago

Come on guys, blame S6? IF it wasn't for Crapcom pulling out a Wada (Western likes COD, make all our game COD-like) this game would have never saw the light of the day it was released...

ritsuka6661977d ago

Slant Six ruined the Socom franchise."

lol actually zipper ruined socom name...

BattleAxe1977d ago

Slant Six screwed over Socom fans, now its time for them to screw over Resident Evil fans. It took almost 2 years for all the bugs to get ironed out on Socom: Confrontation, so I would expect more of the same with this game.

gatormatt801977d ago

Confrontation launched with many bugs.. this is true, but my biggest disappointment was the fact that they shipped a game that was not finished.

Not to mention trophies being patched in later, oh.. and has anyone seen the requirements for the trophies in that game. They're near impossible!!!

Hisiru1977d ago

I will explain everthing for you sir:

Your game is a pile of shi*

It's an horror/survival series and not something like Call of Duty.

Are you crazy? Make a real/proper survival/horror game if you want a better review.

If you want to make COD games don't use the "Resident Evil" brand.

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RedDead1978d ago

Is it really 'that' bad though? 3/10 etc? Honestly judging from the vids is definitely not that low...but what do I know?

suicidalblues1978d ago

Its not that bad. I don't think anyone expected a AAA goty from them. Its a solid 6 or 7 unless you're taking points for it not being "resident evil" enough.

Baka-akaB1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

the reverse works too you know ... people wouldnt be trying to find positive things in it , if it wasnt a resident evil title .

If it was a "just ok" new ip instead of a popular franchise's spin off , we wouldnt be talking about the game .

So no imo it's not good enough and should be better

SilentNegotiator1978d ago

Why even play the "but is it THAT bad?" game when we've established that the game is well below par? The game is bad. It sucks. Reviewers rarely give review scores below 7s anyway; 1-6 is pretty much just dead space for 'a game not worth playing'

cjflora1977d ago

I'm expecting it to show up in the mail from Gamefly this week and I'm hoping it isn't as bad as some are making it out to be. However, I enjoyed RE5 while everyone was trashing it, so I may like it.

yeahokchief1977d ago

Yes it really is that bad. Watch the IGN review. The girl who did the review knows more about Resident Evil than the fucking developers of this game and the executives of Capcom who all deserve to be fired.

This series died after Resident Evil 0. If you want survival horror Dead Space is the closest you're going to get.

Resident Evil is just a call of duty wannabe now. Disgraceful.

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chriski3331978d ago

The reason slate six is that no one trusts u anymore. You messed up with socom and there are bugs in this game so you need to fix them like right Damn now!

360GamerFG1978d ago

Because Zipper came out and showed us how SOCOM should be done with Navy Seals/4 right?

finbars751978d ago

WTH no way.Socom confrontation is awsome now.Im sorry but zipper f&^ked the franchise with socom4 and MAg two of the biggest piece of shit games I have played in a while.Im not going to lie and say that I dont like RES OPR because I do.The controlls are smooth the game plays so well.I havnt come across any problems at all with the game.Its not the best game out there but its fun and im enjoying every second of it.Until you havbe played the game personally then you really dont have a place in here to make a comment.

SaffronCurse1978d ago

Socom confrontation was at least trying to be a socom game, Socom 4 was just a complete disaster.

sikbeta1977d ago


Because Zipper came out and showed us how SOCOM should be done with Navy Seals/4 right?"

Trollface.jpg :P

That's the truth right there, Socom 2 was the peak of the franchise, everything else just can't hold on much in this day an age where gamers want killstreaks/perks + autoaim and laser-like shots in their shooters, but the Socom Hardcore crowd wants the old formula

Catch22: is if it's not like COD, it'd not sell and if your change the formula of the old games to be like COD, it'd not sell as well, unless you can afford a giant ad-campaign :P

ThanatosDMC1977d ago

^MAG is awesome. Wtf are you talking about?

Consoldtobots1977d ago

Confrontation turned me off with $15 dlc, who do they think they are capcom?

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DeadlyFire1978d ago

Maybe because RE fans didn't want RE + SOCOM mix. I personally was excited at first for maybe a RE + L4D type playstyle. Til I saw how the game really was.

GasTankKiller1978d ago

You've played the game or only read reviews?

smashman981978d ago

I was chaating with a bunch of dudes while playing the game when I mentioned the game got 4 out of ten on ign we aagreed that reviewers didn't know what they were doing anymore and we continued to play well off into the night... for hoursss nd we had fun

WetN00dle691978d ago

The game is awesome no if's or buts about it!

mcstorm1977d ago

TBH I think a reviews of anything should not be taken in by anyone as this is there point of view on the game. Its like people who review the new Iphones and say its amazing and the changes in it are more advanced than anyothere phone out there. Yet it is the same OS as was on the Original Iphone. Or a review for a film saying its the best film ever but when you go and watch it its crap. Its all personal choice at the end of the day look at homefront last year. Yes it was by along way not the best fps game ive ever played but it was better than the reviews I had seen.

The biggest problem with this world at the moment is there are a lot of sheep out there who decide things on other peoples words rather then trying it for them selfs.

If you like something that someone else dose not like so what as long as your happy with it who cares.

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GasTankKiller1978d ago

@MAJOR - How did Slant Six ruin the SOCOM franchise after only developing one SOCOM game?

commander1978d ago

Clearly you must have never played socom confrontation to make an idiotic comment like that.