Silicon Knights Should Go Back to Their Roots; Develop Eternal Darkness 2 with Nintendo

Nintendo Enthusiast:

"Silicon Knights have a specific set of skills that they know how to execute with mastery. They have an uncanny ability to produce immersive fantasy/sci-fi worlds and make them believable by way of atmosphere and backstory. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain? An action-adventure/RPG that was extolled for its moody atmosphere, compelling storyline, and high-quality voice acting. Eternal Darkness? A Lovecraftian “experience” that won critical acclaim for its psychological brand of horror, generation-spanning storyline, and its unique approach to character development. Too Human? The otherwise-criticized game was praised for blending science fiction with Norse mythology, providing an art design that brought that mythology to life, and delivering an epic and meaningful tale about the ills of transhumanism.

It’s quite obvious to me: Silicon Knight should be going down a route more similar to Bioware games. The mythology and backdrop they can achieve in their worlds can compete with Bioware. And their ability to create a moody atmosphere possibly surpasses their fellow Canadian developers. If they followed such a path I’m confident they would meet success in the eyes of the critics."

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juegosmajicos2461d ago

I'm also excited by the rumor of a new Soul Reaver, which I would hope would be developed for the U (downported to the 360 and PS3 too, of course).

Between these two, the U could be getting the mature narrative it needs to convince a lot of skeptics. Not to mention the games would be awesome, of course.

-Mika-2457d ago

Eternal Darkness just wasn't all that great. It was seriously overhyped. I think people were just amazed by the creepy gimmicks. They just gave it an highscore. Take away the gimmicks and you are just left with a extremely linear and repetitive game. This game was seriously overrated. Now i would love to see an new soul reaver game. That the only game i enjoyed from them.