Upcoming Take On Helicopters Update will merge TKOH with ArmA games

DSOGaming writes: "Bohemia Interactive is a talented indie studio. Although Take on Helicopters was plagued with some performance issues, the company has been updating and supporting it constantly. A couple of days ago, they released its first DLC and get ready because it’s new patch will be huge and will seamlessly merge it with a lot of their previous releases. Obviously, you’ll have to own the previous games of Bohemia for it to work, but this is definitely something really awesome."

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ATi_Elite2459d ago

I have Take On Helicopters and it's pretty fun! I feel i can fly a real Helicopter now. (watch out News channel 5 i'm coming for your Bird)

But the blending it with the other Arma games just seems like a HUGE Bug session waiting to happen.

will kick back and enjoy the DLC (been too busy with Tribes:Ascend Beta)

ninjaman9992459d ago

haha The tribes beta is amazing indeed tho they recently made it a tad slower (I was in the beta pretty early and it was fast :D )
And man, I have been on the fence about this game. Is it worth it? :3