One Gamer Is Considering Filing A Class Action Lawsuit Against Bioware

What do you do when you don't like the ending of a game? Sue of course! The controversy surrounding Mass Effect 3's ending has taken a rather shocking turn, check out the article for more details!

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moegooner882464d ago

people need to move on, and get a life, if your biggest problem in life is the ending of a video game, then i feel sorry for you.

GamersRulz2464d ago

I didn't play ME3, so I can't really comment on this.

but I still think people should accept the ending as it is.

JhawkFootball062464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

You can't sue a company just because you don't like the ending. They created the story and can end it any way they want. The stupidity of some people in this world amazes me. It's like trying to sue someone over the ending of a movie or a book just because you didn't like it.

dc12463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Play the games. Their all great. While your at it ... read what the complaints are. It's not because the game ended on a sad note; it is because Bioware did not delivery on the several documented promises of tiered decision based outcomes (carried over from ME1 and ME2) well as the clearly, rushed purposfully non intergated/incomplete ending.

In short the CAL is a bit much. However, folks should take the time to understand why there is so much angst over this. Keep in mind that the majority of people discussing their displeasure are adults with purchasing power... to the tune of muliple 100s of thousands. Bioware will need to make this right.

ATi_Elite2464d ago

1. was the Reeper Leader Sheppard's Father?
2. Did the Reepers say "Ooops wrong planet"
3. After the last epic boss battle did the game just BSOD!
4. Was the ending Cinematic interrupted by a Kim Kardashian or Lindsey Lohan news flash
5. Did you have to watch a Geico or Progressive car Insurance commercial before the watching the ending?

Class Action lawsuit? well you shouldn't have chosen the Blue Pill!

Fil1012463d ago

Well said all this bullshit about the ending in a video game is pathetic

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--Onilink--2464d ago

ok, the ending is terrible, simply terrible. One thing is to post comments on forums/facebook, or make petitions (which the mayority of people have done)

and a completely diferent thing is to do these non-sense, why? because even a small amount of reading can tell you there is no legal ground for this, just like the FTC complaint, or asking for a refund, which only a HANDFUL of people have done. Yes, reading the press releases prior to the launch is depressing, so many lies... it doesnt change anything in the legal aspect

And please people, stop talking as if everyone who has complained about the endings are doing this kind of stuff

rattletop2464d ago

WTF? i too am unhappy about the ending but instead of discussing with the devs on how to move ahead you try to sue them? F U!!

SeraphimBlade2464d ago

Criticism: good
Complaining: acceptable
FTC complaint: defensible, but kinda crossing the line
This: shark-jumpingly stupid

I beat it a week-and-a-half ago, and honestly, I'm over it. I'm ready to get back and save the galaxy as my other two Shepards whether I know how it ends or not. You probably will be too if you give yourself some time and not spend every waking hour looking for ways to "get back" at Bioware.

--Onilink--2464d ago

actually if you check the details about what can be covered in FTC complain, you realize there is nothing defensible (from a legal point of view).

At 1st i thought like you, because it is shocking when you compare what they said in the press releases and what they did in the end, but legally, the complain has no grounds at all

Baka-akaB2464d ago

There should be a way to counter sue frivoleous lawsuit ... Oh wait !

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