Looks Likes Dark Souls Might Actually be Coming to the PC

In January, publisher Namco Bandai said that a petition to have cult hit Dark Souls ported to the PC had its "attention". Now, an Australian PC magazine is teasing something a little more substantial.

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NYC_Gamer2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I would buy it again that's for sure.fix the frame-rate add higher rez and mod support.

jaosobno2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I finished it twice on PS3 and I'd buy it again on PC too (hopefully, like you said, they will fix Blightown framerate and add mod support). Souls series are among my favorite RPGs of all time.

2430d ago
a_bro2430d ago

thats pretty awesome. i would buy it again for sure, just to see how awesome it would look like with my setup.

SnakeCQC2430d ago

yay! i bought the original game on ps3 liked it bought the sequel and it was sooo difficult i actually gave it to a friend it just pissed me off that much now to buy it on pc where i will be using trainers to pwn everything!

Voxelman2430d ago

I never understood people like you, what is the point?

SnakeCQC2430d ago

lol i play games for the story and making enemies insanely hard and stacking up the deck against you in every way hinders my ability to follow the story

brish2430d ago


If you are only interested in the story why not just read a book, or watch a movie?

Voxelman2430d ago

Is Dark Souls a game you play for story? Why not just play a story focused game instead there are plenty of them.

caseh2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )


I have a friend like you, will play everything on the easiest settings just to finish the game.

His name is Simon, it seems irrelevent that i've mentioned his name but the point is we now refer to the easiest setting on any game as 'Simon Mode'.

Raf1k12430d ago

I lol'd at 'Simon Mode' since my brother is the same. I'll use the same idea with him next time for laughs.

Grap2430d ago

hahahaha good one boss

Ult iMate2430d ago

Where can I sign a petition for PSV-version of Souls?

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