Mark Meer: "Changing Or Expanding The End Of The Game Wouldn't Be Unprecedented" | GamerLive.TV

Mark Meer is a Canadian-based actor, writer and improviser. He is a proud member of the Rapid Fire Theatre group and founded the sketch comedy/improv group, Gordon's Big Bald Head. Mark is most known for voicing Commander Shepard in Bioware's "Mass Effect" series. With the franchise wrapping up, I got a chance to ask Mark a few questions and had him reflect on the series, including what the future holds for Commander Shepard.

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solidboss2436d ago

along with the title statement here is another interesting quote from Mark Meer "Obviously, if Bioware wants to record more dialogue, I'd be there. I'm definitely scheduled to record more dialogue for DLC, but at this stage, I don't know what that will entail." so he pretty much just said hes already scheduled to record more dialogue for dlc which means more single player content?

crxss2436d ago

really solidboss? you weren't expected DLC (from Bioware or even EA)? the end of the game has a dialogue box that even says something like, "more adventures to come through DLC"

solidboss2436d ago

I didnt finish the game yet, but with all of this talk about how bad the ending is and how it ruins any hope for the future of the mass effect franchise, i found it interesting that bioware already have Meer scheduled to record for a new dlc, which makes me wonder when in the time period of mass effect 3 will this take place? during the game? after ?

crxss2436d ago

agreed, it wouldn't be unprecedented. but it definitely needs to be done to this game.

Kakihara2436d ago

Sell the sickness, then sell the cure.