Wake Me, When You Need Me: What To Expect From Halo 4

Ben Shanley writes, "Ever since Bungie split up and 343 Industries was born, everyone has been wondering: What is Halo 4 going to be like? What is this ominous new threat that Master Chief is going to go up against? And how is the multiplayer experience going to turn out? At E3 2011, 343 Industries shared a glimpse of Halo 4 with the world. While it was a brief teaser, 343 demonstrated that the series was in some capable hands. Flash forward to the present day. 343 Industries releases Making Halo 4: First Look, a documentary style video informing us on what exactly the team is doing with the highly anticipated sequel."

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vishant1012462d ago

My most wanted feature in halo 4 would be the ability to toggle between first person and third person in the warthog