Silent Hill: HD Collection PS3 Patch Incoming, Complete Patch Details

Today Konami released Silent Hill HD Collection on PS3 & Xbox 360 which delivers two of the best Silent Hill entries in breathtaking HD. Those whom purchased the PS3 version today may have popped in the game & encountered some oddities like sound or frame-rate issues. If you happened to be a victim to these minor problems, fret not for a fix is coming & it is coming soon.

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Young_ART2462d ago ShowReplies(4)
HarryMasonHerpderp2461d ago

Obvious troll is obvious.
Anyway is this out in the UK yet?
I thought it was being released over here on the 29th?

rmedtx2461d ago

Why do publishers keep on releasing unfinished games. They roll the stuff out the door broken and they fix it later?? that is bull. Imagine that 10 years down the road you still have a console of this generation and you want to play a will be broken if you didn't get the updates in the hard drive because I'm sure there will be no way to patch then.

CernaML2461d ago

Young_ART definitely made the number one contender for dumbest comment of the week.

Anyway, the frame rate issues are pretty daunting. From what I can tell, they uncapped it. It'll either run at 30FPS or shoot right up to 60FPS. Never in between. So it causes some pretty horrible jittery images and even slows the game down affecting controller input. It's the Mass Effect 2 PS3 demo all over again. That's some poor QA if you ask me.

Loving Silent Hill 2 all over again though. Looks fantastic in HD and the new voice acting ain't bad at all.

ignorantsonsof_2461d ago

You should have seen this other comment he posted just this week. He is the Troll King.

I agree with everything you said too.

Morgue2461d ago

Just downloaded the update and last night the sound was in 5.1 and now it's 2 channel stereo.