Like Zelda? Check Out These Games. - Meodia

A look at Zelda-like games that fans should try.

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Venox20082464d ago

well, good list... I can add Metroid Prime trilogy

MAJ0R2463d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes is like Demon's Souls in that it went under the radar for many people. It really is a good game, even if you don't play it for that nostalgic feeling.

t0mmyb0y2462d ago

Absolutely LOVED 3D Dot Game Heroes. Everyone I talked to had never even heard about it before it came out, and the GameStop I got it from only had 2 copies. "I've never even heard of it before." the guy says SMFH

humbleopinion2463d ago

I'd put Darksiders, Kameo, and Arkham Asylum/City and from last gen Starfox Adventures, as well as The binding of Issac (classic dungeon Zelda) in such a list.
Perhaps even Fable which seems to be heavily inspired by Zelda, although it's more of a mush up of genres.

Instigator2463d ago

Bookmarked for future reference. Will try to get my hands on those I haven't played yet.