Is the video game industry Apple’s next victim?

While Apple has a well-earned reputation as the inventor of new markets, it's also something of a serial killer.

The iPod helped strangle the Walkman, and iPads have nearly killed netbooks. Xbox, Nintendo, others feel heat...

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Majin-vegeta2464d ago

Call me when this crap can run a game like GOW3.

limewax2463d ago

Apple will damage the casual gaming industry as soon as the Apple sheeple finally get sick of paying half a months wage for a new phone every 6 months, just so they can play the latest game on it.

The exact same reason that they will never even dream of touching the big three. No console gamer is going to switch to buying new hardware every few months, otherwise we wouldn't even have the money to buy any damn games

MurDocINC2463d ago

Only time Apple would make an impact on gaming would be now if they are smart enough to add controller support for ipad3.
Blue tooth controller plus wifi tv output would be a killer for sure!

Boody-Bandit2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Apple fans are just not going to let this go it seems but it is entertaining because I can't help but just laugh at these articles. No input controllers (with digital pad or analog sticks & these things we gamers like to call buttons, keyboard / mouse, sticks, wheels, flight controls, etc and so on), outputs for big displays, real support from top devs, etc... Nothing but a bunch of shovel wear IOS games ran on a tablet that is recycled every year with a new iteration and they think it will cause a dent in the gaming industry?

All I can say is, "ANYTHING FOR HITS!"

darthv722462d ago

it was marketed by bandai in jp but it was still an apple designed game platform. Not saying the have the cred to burst on the scene now but looking at how MS came out with the xbox after having helped sega with the development of the OS for the dc probably gave them the idea they could build a game machine too.

If apple chose to stick it out in the current design of tablet/phones then they would likely release some type of wireless controller connectivity and connection to a tv to make it more console-esq.

No doubt the future of game technology will be about going smaller (form factor/chip design/etc) so why not have a system that serves two purposes? A portable when you want it to be on the go and a console when you dont. If sony or nintendo or Ms dont do it....perhaps apple will.

gypsygib2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Call me when iOS games use a controller or K&M and AAA multiplats.

MultiConsoleGamer2464d ago

Buttons don't matter. People who say they do are not familiar with the best content on the iOS devices. They are also woefully unaware of the direction the market heading. (Not saying I support this seachange, just that I am aware of it.)

The weakest link will break. Always three there are, no more, no less. One company enters, another leaves.

Persistantthug2463d ago


Because they have to run on batteries.

_Aarix_2463d ago

They are not consoles, theyll never be. But when I can play chaos rings, ghost trick, phoenix wright, soul caliber, infinity blade, real racing, world of goo, sonic cd, 9mm, final fantasy 1-3 + tactics wotl, death rally, scribblenauts, gta3, dark meadow, dead space, and 16-32bit emulators then Im satisified with on-the-go gaming. People hate apple fans and i understand but somebody play chaos ring and the sequel and then tell me ios only has crappy games with crappy contols.

I agree anyone who thinks theyre like consoles are morons but really who has said that. Somebody point me in the direction of an apple fanboy on here.

Redempteur2463d ago

Bouton do matter .. Try street fighter IOS , and come at me saying it control well'll NEVER HAVE the necessary response from your touchscreen to pull any high tier combo .

It lack feedback and precision


Wolfbiker2463d ago


however I will say that touch screens work best with certain games like superbrothers ep, infinity blade, rts games and pretty much anything menu driven.

Wintersun6162463d ago

Buttons, analog sticks & triggers are better for controlling games than a touchscreen and that is a fact. People who say that touchscreen is better or even on par with buttons are delusional Apple fanboys who don't understand the limitations and problems with touchscreen controls.

Kaneda2463d ago

Technology will advance.. touchscreen will get better for games. Device will get faster.

I can see older people will adapt more to mobile games. Since they have a job and on the go all the times. While kids will play more with their parents mobile device, and will leave gaming console in the dust...well, they will not play as much. My nephews and nieces played more games on the ipad and iphone. That is what I am seeing...

hardcore gamers will continue with PC, and poor hardcore gamers will continue to with console.. but millions more people will play on mobile device...

Ghost2502463d ago

really? buttons don't matter? im sorry but touch controls wil never replace tradition controls EVER

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specialguest2463d ago

Famous qoute from Mr. Horse from the Ren & Stimpy Show about how I feel about this:

Shivan2463d ago

This article is ridiculous

1) the 3DS, despite this articles negative slant to discredit it, is breaking speed sales record in every region, seeing ridiculous support.

The vita is starting as well as any system. Which is not very good. It has nothing to do with anything. Dedicated handheld sales have NEVER been higher

2) Ios cant play games as good as original gameboy games. Not in controls, or anything else

3) When you make an article, and you only use bias quotes. Your basically telling your readers that what I am saying is not true, so in order to make it sound true I have to tell half truths and use bias

"Ben Cousins, the general manager of mobile game maker ngmoco Sweden, "

why should we listen to him?

Its like the president of mcdonalds saying burger king causes cancer

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