Metal Slug 3 comes to XBLA - Achievements officially impossible

The good news is Metal Slug 3 is this Wednesday's Xbox Live Arcade Game.

The bad news is the difficulty of the game's Achievements has been set to maximum pain. explains why getting the full 200 Achievement points in Metal Slug 3 is "one awesome test of gaming powers."


According to's listing (via Alternative Sources below,) the achievements that would seem impossible are: "Complete all the missions without continue" (25 points), "Complete a mission without any miss" (10-40 points), and "Complete any mission, without getting power-up items" (10 points).

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jack who3765d ago

i love impossible Achievements.

benny o klaatt3765d ago

those acievements are hard! 50/200

GCO Gamer3765d ago

Are the achievements really that hard?!?

Laexerias3765d ago

Metal Slug is a hard Arcade Game like Contra which means, 1 hit = kill. Uhm and if u are not a hardcore player in those Shoot Em Ups, u can forget them.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3765d ago ShowReplies(3)
Dark_Vendetta3765d ago

What does mean without a miss? This really looks like hard work, but I'll try it :>

riksweeney3765d ago

Without a miss means without losing a life

season0073765d ago

i never knew

i thought its more like punishment

Rama262853765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Sorry - wrong reply - see post 7

socomnick3765d ago

its up to you to do them or not some people I know ignore achievements completely

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The story is too old to be commented.