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A realistic free to play 3D tactical team-based, first person-shooter, by the co-creator of the iconic Counter-Strike, Tactical Intervention is one of inMotion Gaming’s most highly anticipated games of the year! Check out their First Look video recorded while in Closed Beta...

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hiredhelp2434d ago

That looks awsome kinds feels like could be a tom clancey vegas style too, awsome awsome gota look into this btw engine looks better than CSGO ?

ATi_Elite2434d ago

Nothing better than shooting terrorist while wondering through the Old NAvy store!

inMotionGaming2433d ago

Thanks for your comments guys... As a matter of interest, what did you think of the video itself, and is there anything we can do to make it better and more useful?

hiredhelp2433d ago

I actually thought the video commentary walkthrew was very well presented Kudos for the video quality excelent, good to see someone talk about the game the buttons what not rather than talk rubbish just play the game.
It would be nice to say what your running on to give others a idea all thoe im sure this farely low spec game.

Ummm i really cant say what else i like to see as youve made clear what you playing what was going on what the game is about, as stated video quality was great witch important to me no i think you done very well buddy good job keep em comming.

inMotionGaming2427d ago

Thanks very much for the positive feedback. I will be sure to relay this to our video reviewer, Martin. We normally record in HD, but our recorder had issues recording this game for some reason, so we had to use our backup software, which isn't HD... As you can imagine, he wasn't happy about this... :-)

Also, you make a great point regarding mentioning what we are running on for the review. We will be sure to include this next time.

Lots of bubbles to you for taking the time to post this feedback!