THQ Publisher Sale On Xbox Live Is Double Fine, 50% Off Various Games and Content

Right now, THQ is holding a publisher sale on the Xbox Live Marketplace, where you can pick up some games and content for 50% off. There are some Xbox Live Arcade games that have seen their price slashed and two of them are made by the fine people at Double Fine.

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TrendyGamers2437d ago

I think I'll finally be picking up Costume Quest and Stacking.

Yi-Long2437d ago

... also Sega Rally and Daytona for 400MSP each, along with some Forza DLC.

Not sure yet if I'll buy Costume Quest. I really liked the demo but it's supposedly very short, plus there is DLC, which is usually a reason for me to completely skip the game anyway...

It's nice to see some nice deals again though :)

TrendyGamers2437d ago

I already have Joe Danger and it is definitely worth the 600 MSP.

banjadude2436d ago

I cannot recommend Costume Quest enough! I'm just sad that we haven't heard anything new about the next expansion.