Thought Mass Effect 3′s Ending Was Bad? Don’t Forget About This One

Trendy Gamers: Numerous gamers are unhappy about the disappointing ending of Mass Effect 3, but there have been a lot of worse ones throughout the history of video games. Hearing about the Mass Effect 3 finale got me thinking of the ending that I hated the most of any video game I've played to date.

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Baka-akaB2464d ago

But not one even cares about psy ops , let alone it's ending

Doctolul2464d ago


ME3's ending hurts because so many people were invested in the story over a 5 year period. Its like the difference between a one night stand and a legitimate relationship, psi ops being the former and ME3 being the latter. (Did I just go there? Fuck my life.)

teething2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I sunk countless hours into ME and ME2. 7 playthroughs between the two games.

The ending to ME3 was so bad I cried. Last night I burned my copy of Mass Effect, ME2, and ME3. I also gave away my 360 and vowed to never play a game again. You should too so that Bioware will listen.

I just punched my puppy thinking about how bad the ending was.

The ME3 ending made me hate life.

Tikicobra2463d ago

Teething, I really hope you're joking.

jony_dols2463d ago


Yeah your right, no one cared about psy ops.

Psi-ops on the other hand was a great game.

SilentNegotiator2464d ago

So now we're on to trying to find WORSE endings to justify ME3's ending? gets more pathetic every day, the way these fanboys defend ME3.

Wolfbiker2464d ago

did you read the article? He didn't justify it, just said it got him thinking on what were the worst endings to a game he has played.

vallencer2463d ago

Actually the most pathetic thing is gamers getting their money back. That's pathetic.

morganfell2463d ago

Really? Despite Bioware misleading people you say it is still not justified? At what point of being deceived are consumers allowed to seek recompense?

vallencer2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Bioware didn't mislead anyone. Did they say that your choices would have a drastic effect in the endings? No they didn't. They said the choices would effect your ending and they do even if they're just small. While I understand the annoyance it still doesn't warrant you getting money back. When a movie you see is bad do you get your money back for that? No you don't.

limewax2463d ago

actually they did, if you are going to talk down to the long time fans, please have some actual facts to back it up. Pretty early on in the development of Mass Effect 3 the developers stated in a video interview, that the biggest difference between developing ME2 and ME3 was that in 2, it was never intended to be the end, so your actions could only have limited consequences, whereas with development of the 3rd game, they could have much more drastic consequences for your actions. NONE of this was evident in ME3 at all.

We have a right to be angry, I paid for CE editions of each game, and after getting the third I actually regret it being there. It's a purchase I regret, something a lot of people are feeling.

So unless any of you are actually working for trading standards, Put bluntly... Who the hell are you to tell me when to demand compensaiton?

Baka-akaB2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Except the did advertise otherwise and mislead everyone as said above .

Personally i just never believed it after the way they handled choices from me1 in me2 and their massive lack of impact .

Never believed their hype and jus set myself up for some good action and story wide , at least for the most part

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Nimblest-Assassin2463d ago


The worst ending I have ever seen to a video game was Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2.

Considering how amazing the first games ending was, and the fact that this game just disproved something they keep hampering into your head, the idea that Jedi can not be cloned...

And Vader says F*ck it, I did it anyways. Not to mention the wasted Yoda and Boba Fett cameos, the light side ending literally ending with a cliffhanger.

And the choice for light or dark was made by PUSHING A BUTTON?!

"good" ending:

"bad ending"

Yep, worst ending I have ever experienced, but I did not burn my copy....

Oddly, I got it signed by Anthony Daniels and James Earl Jones... wierd

tmoss7262463d ago

Yeah Psi-Ops isn't really relevant to ME3, but it's definitely a fun game.

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Grap2464d ago

what did i just saw?!!!!

StraightPath2464d ago

this was a fun game to those who remember and has 10 times worse ending. I didnt go file lawsuits and cry like a baby. I was thinking " what a pathetic ending too a great game " mass effect fan boys think me3 has a bad ending? This just destroys it this is what you call a bad ending.

TekoIie2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Yeh with the amount of hate it's getting my friend said he enjoyed he ending because he didn't expect anything spectacular. Also Kayne and lynch 2 has a worse ending since it pretty much just ends...

How many people are complaining out of the amount of people who bought this game? Not even 1%.

denero12464d ago

Enough for it to be on multiple reputable site's and make a few news articles and be featured on a cnn?

TekoIie2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

You mean enough hardcore fans to troll the Internet... 14000+ isn't much considering the game has sold over 1mil so clearly bioware (with that logic) has done a good job ;)

Also most these sites will overreact about this for hits so it's hard to get an accurate idea of how bad this ending is.

palaeomerus2464d ago

The worst ending I can think of off hand for a game is Pariah. I watched it and then had to go look up what supposedly happened online. The ending was so incoherent and incompetent that that I had no idea what they were trying to tell me happened and I needed someone to explain it all to me.

TheFallenAngel2464d ago

When will they stop with these stupid mass effect 3 ending articles?

Philoctetes2463d ago

Just imagine how bad it's going to be when Bioware releases the REAL ending as DLC and charges you $10 for it.

TekoIie2463d ago

Yeh they do what people Wang but they'll still bitch and troll...

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