Incoming new version of MaLDoHD Mod for Crysis 2; new comparison shots released

DSOGaming writes: "It’s been a while, right? Well, MaLDo is back and is preparing a new version for his mind-blowing Crysis 2 Texture Pack."

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SnakeCQC2464d ago

i bought it on origin is it possible to mod that version?

F7U122464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

yes any and all versions, even the hracked kind. >:)

ninjahunter2464d ago

Soooo one guy took crysis 2, redid a vast majority of the textures to not only be higher res, but overall better looking with a 2% performance hit? Yea... Crytek....

john22464d ago

not only that, but he's fixing various graphical issues. Just, wow

Tachyon_Nova2464d ago

Yeah, fancy someone coming gin after Crytek built a game engine, sorted an art style, built the assets, designed textures, sorted the lighting placement and levels out etc etc, and then this guy takes the textures Crytek made and then builds some higher Res textures that look the same.

Fancy that, how could that ever happen?

What are you saying, that Crytek should craft every texture so that it literally can't be improved or they are a failure?

ninjahunter2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Im saying one person should not be able to outdo an entire company. Crytek of all people claim they have top PC support, that they have the highest quality assets and that they put PC first. The put out a game with Broken tessellation, hundreds of bugs per level, alot of them being visually noticeable.
Then this one guy adds tessellation, pom, textures, fixes shadow and lighting bugs, fixes improper POM placement, fixes broken tessellation, fixes floating objects and more.

Obviously the art team down at crytek did a majestic job. /S