343 Industries: Halo 4 is a “Reboot” Not a “Reset”

X360A: “We need to find our own voice," says Josh Holmes.

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_Q_1976d ago

Ugh just die already. Weve played all the Halos....In Quake,Tribes,Unreal,power rangers... I could go on.

BattleTorn1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

...... I disagree.

Morganfell, Do you follow Halo canon?

Cause their going forward with trilogy being about the forerunners; it's kinda unexplored territory. (especially within the games)

I think 343i has been pretty explicit in saying their are building upon what Halo IS.
("maintain consistency with the canon" -from article)

morganfell1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I do not want a reboot. A reboot implies "We're changing the canon for the better."

No, okay? No.

I want an innovation, not a reboot. I want an advancement upon the tried and true, not a reinterpretation.

Tim Burton reboots. 'Nuff said.

gillri1976d ago

but it was better than quake and tribes

h311rais3r1976d ago

And everything u mention fed off eachother.....

BlindGuardian1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

well, if I were a Halo fan I'd be really worried that the new developer doesn't seem to know what the term "reboot" means

a reboot by its very definition can not continue a previously told story, it has to ignore it (or reboot it)

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cpayne931976d ago

343 industries sure has been talking alot, making it seem like they are making something far beyond the past halos. In any case, I'm very interested to see how Halo 4 comes out.

RockmanII71976d ago

Hope that doesn't mean there will be continuity errors.

Skateboard1976d ago

That is good news, I'm tired of reboots and remakes.

DarkBlood1976d ago

im so confused to this whole reboot thing, last i call it still takes place after halo 3, it may not have anything to do with the previous trilogy storyline wise but i still dont see it as a reboot

perhaps someone on here can better explain it to me because this particular thing is flying over my head

aPerson1976d ago

It's the start of a new trilogy, set in the same universe as the first 3 games.

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The story is too old to be commented.