Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Review Round-Up

Seems that the review embargo for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is over. Major game sites have released their reviews, and well, let's just say it doesn't look too good for the guys at Slant Six Games.

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CoryHG2436d ago

This is the absolute worst game i've ever played. Hoping Amazon gives me a refund.

MasterD9192436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

The trade in value went up thankfully today...I am considering opening mine up and trying it out for myself.

A lot of the user reviews and the lesser known sites are really full of crap. The game may not be ground-breaking, that much fun or full of glitches but any game below a 6/10 or possibly 5/10 must mean it is broken like Alpha Protocol. There is no way this game is THAT terrible.