Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets a Second Free Weekend

BioWare announced today that, due to overwhelming response to the free pass weekend that brought many new players to try Star Wars: The Old Republic over the last few days, the promotion is going to be repeated this coming weekend.

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JsonHenry2436d ago

Wow. They must really need subs bad.

CryWolf2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

There losing subscribers cause of Guild Wars and the free weekend only got 5 new subscribers that I know about, Bioware/EA needs to go buy 2 play instead, there going to keep losing more players to WOW, RIFT, TERA and Guild Wars cause there better MMOs then SWTOR.

Kamikaze1352436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

RIFT isn't exactly a competition. That game has been on sale more than anything I've seen on Steam...and it's lost a lot of subs since launch. If anything, I think Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 (launching later this year), is a bigger threat. Hell, I don't even think TERA is a threat since it's a Korean MMO and those barely lack any substance and don't stay afloat for too long.

Abriael2436d ago

You, sir, don't have a clue.

geth1gh2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Its a fun game, but I had already tired of the mmo genre. So I only played it for about a month and half after release before getting tired off it.

As stated, fun game and great mmo. I'm just tired of putting in hours just to get some enjoyment out of a game when I can go play a intense game of bf3 and get more enjoyment out of it in 20 minutes.

I have a life I have to live lol.

Saryk2436d ago

When you play Mass Effect 3, Skyrim and (insert game here). Cost of the games going up, not just the monthly rate guys, time, in game stores, expansions, etc. The cycle of needing a group, might need a group and screw grouping the MMO phase is over, it’s just not fun anymore. SWTOR was my last straw in MMO, I am throwin in the towel!