Sign Up for the Hybrid Beta Here and Now

Remember hearing about a certain enigmatic new shooter from 5thCell called Hybrid? Well, it looks like the beta's opening up. Right here is where you can register. I've been looking forward to this for quite a while- this is the company that gave the world Scribblenauts, after all, who knows what they'll do with a sci-fi shooter?

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I'm all about supporting devs but I think I'll pass on another shooter at least for right now.

Jourdy2882465d ago

B-b-b-but Scribblenauts makers! LOL, I see what you mean, though, the market's FLOODED.

wwm0nkey2464d ago

You might want to read into it, it is not your typical shooter. I mean you move with the X,Y,A,B buttons so its more about thinking how to get them out of cover or flanking them from behind.