Which Looks Better? New iPad, PS Vita, or the 3DS?

Brian Ashcraft: This is hardly scientific—and honestly, something I have yet to confirm myself. However, this set of photos apparently compares the new iPad to the PS Vita and the 3DS.

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EcoSos32465d ago

Vita, 3ds then I dont know because the ipad or iphone are not gaming consoles.

CommonSenseGamer2464d ago

So what if its about being a true multi-purpose device?

Anyway, 3 million in 3 days versus not even close to 3 million after 3 months. I know which sales figures Sony would much rather prefer.

No, I don't have an iPad but damned if they don't sell!

Ult iMate2464d ago

>>So what if its about being a true multi-purpose device?

This is not the site about multi-purpose devices. This is a site about games. So it is all about being a game device in the first place.

CommonSenseGamer2464d ago

Yeah you're right. Suppose they had better stop posting articals about PC games because last time I checked they we multi-purpose. Hell, even consoles are. Wow, better close N4G down or rename it to BVF for butthurt vita fanboy.

farhad2k82464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )


Dude, you were wrong. Just let it go.

Firstly, CoD sold more than BF3, and we all know which the real winner is.

Secondly, the iPad is simply not a gaming device, neither are PC's, but read the fucking title of the article.

The VITA and the 3DS ARE gaming devices, no one asked about a PC.

So I stick with Eco's choice..
2. 3DS
3. ?? (Defo not iPad)

Personal opinion: Compulsory touchscreen gaming is worse than Rebecca Black.

portal_22464d ago

Vita's screen is astounding. Surprised to see it wipes the floor with the retina display.

live2play2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

AGREE! Vitas screen is damn neat, looks amazing, really clear, bright and big. i dont own one but i plan to in the future

but for me i prefer the 3DS screen
im a sucker for 3D i love seeing movies and playing games in 3D

lucky for me i never had a single problem with the 3D on the 3DS, no headaches or trouble keeping the sweetspot. i have that thing on full blast xD

kikizoo2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

"but for me i prefer the 3DS screen "

lol, that can't be's like : "i prefer my 10" crt television versus my full led samsung 46"

by the way, even without marvellous amoled screen, the graphisms are 1 generation ahead.

Wintersun6162464d ago

I wasn't surprised at all. I thought it was common knowledge that Retina displays are nothing special, just a fancy name on a regular display.

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