The 10: Games I Want to See an HD remake of

Bigant writes:

"The video game industry seems to have taken a page from Hollywood lately with rehashing old ideas and creating remakes of them. The XBLA/PSN has been home to many HD remakes as of late and to be honest I am kinda glad! Any chance to play some of my older favorites without having to pull my older consoles out of the closet is a good thing in my eyes! There are numerous games I played as A kid both at home and in the arcades that I would pay good money to play on my modern day consoles! So my fingers are crossed that hopefully one day these games will get the same remake treatment that so many others have already!"

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will_c_752465d ago

I really want a hd firepro wrestling returns, with customization intact ,add better controls, 60fps, and online and I would be sold.

H2OAcidic2464d ago

Never heard of it until now. * googles *