Medal Of Honor: Warfighter – Making The Same Mistakes?

360 Mag: Medal Of Honor: Warfighter is building on its Danger Close’s ‘realistic’ original, but can EA’s rebooted series compete with Call Of Duty and Battlefield?

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DaveX3602465d ago

I don't like war. Very unpleasant.

AusRogo2465d ago

I loved moh 2010. What made it even better was the free moh frontline which I loved on ps2. I think they will improve alot with this one.

Lior2465d ago

Sorry but moh 2010 had the worst story and the crappiest multiplayer

Moncole2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

The game probably will be medicore at best

YOu shouldn't get hyped for this, there will be better games like Bioshock.

Virus2012465d ago

Bioshock isn't my type of game. I'll be waiting for the Last of Us and Halo 4.

iamnsuperman2465d ago

I am worrying about this game. I love Moh 2010. It had it faults but is story felt far more real than anything before or since it and that is what I loved about it. Considering the trailer doesn't show a great deal but it seems to have gone in the direction of big set pieces which is worrying. IMO all they needed to do was to improve it technically, have less wooden characters and revamp the multiplayer (seems like they are doing this last improvement) to get a good game. For a Modern FPS MoH had and still is my favourite because it felt real and less like a game that is part hollywood offspring with set pieces.

dazzrazz2465d ago

Funny part is previous moh was done using 2 engines due to the fact Danger Close had no idea how to use Frostbite, now they even gonna try to do whole multiplayer in Frostbyte 2 by themselves 0_o This game is gonna end up just like previous MoH, EA will sell quick 2 million copies servers will be empty in couple of months

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